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Oscillatoria laetevirens (P. Crouan & H. Crouan) Gomont, nom. illeg.

Oscillaria laetevirens P. Crouan & H. Crouan, 1867: 112 (type locality: Kervallon, Finistère, France).

Oscillatoria laetevirens (P. Crouan & H. Crouan) Gomont, 1892b: 226, nom. illeg.—Biswas, 1926: 30, pl. VI: fig. 7.— Frémy, 1941: 20, 27.— Biswas, 1943: 112.— Desikachary, 1959: 213.— Logan, Hoffman, & Gebelein, 1974: 146, 194.— Farghaly, 1980: 136.— N. Anand et al., 1986: 52, fig. 12.— Mehta & Chauhan, 1988: 37–39, figs. 1, 2, table 1.— Mehta & Chauhan, 1989: 765.— G. Subramanian et al., 1989: 316, 320.— Thajuddin & G. Subramanian, 1992a: table III.

INDIAN OCEAN DISTRIBUTION: Australia, Djibouti, India, Madagascar.

Note: When Linnaeus (1753) is used as the starting point for all cyanophycean nomenclature, as in this catalogue, Oscillatoria laetevirens (P. Crouan & H. Crouan) Gomont must be considered a later homonym of O. laetevirens Hofman-Bang (1818: 23, footnote; type locality: Fyn, Denmark). We retain it, however, because if later starting points were to be abandoned officially, it would be a likely candidate for conservation. Drouet (1968: 111, 116), after examining the holotype of this species (in PC), assigned it to Schizothrix arenaria (Berkeley) Gomont.

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