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Lyngbya crispa (C. Agardh) C. Agardh

Oscillatoria crispa C. Agardh, 1817: 108–109 (type locality: Haga, near Stockholm, Sweden).

Lyngbya crispa (C. Agardh) C. Agardh, 1824: 74.—Prain, 1905: 333.— Biswas, 1926: 23.— Biswas, 1949b: 11.— Desikachary, 1959: 321.


Note: After examining the type of this species (in LD), Bornet (1889a: 156) assigned it to Scytonema (as S. crispum (C. Agardh) Bornet), but he assigned other specimens in the Agardh Herbarium (in LD) determined by Agardh as Lyngbya crispa to L. aestuarii and L. majuscula. Drouet (1973: 24, 66) also examined the type, which he referred to Scytonema hofmannii C. Agardh. Seemingly, the records listed above are based on representatives of Lyngbya rather than of Scytonema.

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