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Lyngbya anguina Montagne

Lyngbya anguina Montagne, 1842a: 16 (type locality: Toud Island [Warrior Islet], Torres Strait, Australia).—Sonder, 1846 [1846–1848]: 148.— Harvey, 1863: lxi.— G. Martens, 1868: 21, 56–57.— Dickie, 1874b: 200.— Hauck, 1888 [1886–1889]: 93.

INDIAN OCEAN DISTRIBUTION: Australia, Indonesia (Sumatra), Madagascar, Mauritius.

Note: After examining the type of this species (in PC), Gomont (1892b: 132) assigned it to Lyngbya majuscula (Dillwyn) Harvey, while Drouet (1968: 267, 306) assigned it to Microcoleus lyngbyaceus (Kützing) P. Crouan & H. Crouan.

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