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Common (vernacular) names applied to California vascular plants

compiled by Elizabeth Painter

up to date as of May 1, 2016

Common names (also referred to as vernacular names) are applied differently at different times and places by different users. This list is compiled from many sources and is intended to be as comprehensive as possible. It is not intended to indicate which common name is correct or preferred. Please send comments about this page to Elizabeth Painter (

TaxonBrassica napus
Family common name(s)crucifer; cruciferae; cruciform; mustard; mustards; cabbage; cress; cresses; brassica
Genus common name(s)brassica; brassica mustard; turnip; cabbage
Species common name(s)cultivated rape; biennial rape; annual rape; salad rape; salad rape mustard; winter rape; volunteer rape; volunteer oilseed rape; oil-seed rape; oilseed rape; oil seed rape; winter oilseed rape; winter oil-seed rape; summer oilseed rape; spring oil-seed rape; spring oilseed rape; oil rape; Swede oilseed rape; Swede fodder rape; Swede rape; Swede-rape; swede-rape; summer Swede rape; Swedes; Swede; swede; Swede turnip; Swede-turnip; swede-turnips; Swedish turnip; Finish turnip; Russian turnip; Canadian turnip; yellow turnip; oil turnip; cultivated rutabaga; garden rutabaga; rutabaga; ruta-baga; ruta baga; rootabaga; roota-baga; roota baga; rutabega; rape kale; hungry-gap kale; hungry gap kale; Siberian kale; Hanover salad; Hanover-salad; canola; oil colza; cultivated colza; domestic colza; neep; wild navew rape; Argentine rape; nabina
Common name(s) generally applied to other taxa or multiple taxaturnip, turnip rape, turnip-rape, swedes, cabbage, rapeseed, rapeseed-mustard, kale, cole-seed, coleseed, cole seed, colsa, colza, colewort, navet, navette, navew, rape, rapini, rappini, summer-rape, summer rape, fodder rape, rape greens, turnip cabbage, turnip-cabbage, Russian kale, Siberian kale, fodder kale are applied to multiple Brassica taxa; weedy mustard, mustard-grass, mustard grass, wild rape are applied to multiple Brassicaceae taxa; cow-cabbage, cow cabbage, cowcabbage, yellow weed, yellow-weed, yellow-flower, yellow-flower are applied to taxa in multiple families
NotesSwede, Swedish, Finish, Russian, Canadian, Siberian, Hanover are proper names, so upper case preferable
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