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Common (vernacular) names applied to California vascular plants

compiled by Elizabeth Painter

up to date as of May 1, 2016

Common names (also referred to as vernacular names) are applied differently at different times and places by different users. This list is compiled from many sources and is intended to be as comprehensive as possible. It is not intended to indicate which common name is correct or preferred. Please send comments about this page to Elizabeth Painter (

TaxonSorghum bicolor
Family common name(s)grass; true grass
Genus common name(s)sorghum; sorghum-grass; sorghum grass; sorghumgrass; sorgho; sorgo; broom-corn grass; broom corn grass
Species common name(s)common sorghum; common sorgho; common sorgo; forage sorghum; grass sorghum; tasseled sorghum-grass; tasseled sorghum grass; shallu sorghum; gooseneck sorghum; goose-neck sorghum; gooseneck sorgho; milo; yellow milo; milo maize; milo-maize; great millet; black Indian millet; pampas-rice; pampas rice; rice corn; guinea corn; guinea-corn; Guinea corn; Guinea-corn; Guiana corn; Egyptian rice-corn; Egyptian rice corn; Jerusalem corn; doura corn; chicken corn; chicken-corn; chickencorn; Mississippi chicken corn; shatter-cane; shatter cane; shattercane
Common name(s) specific to synonym; taxon noted in bracketsgrain sorghum [subsp. bicolor]; sweet sorghum [subsp. bicolor]; sweet sorghum corn [subsp. bicolor]; sweet sorgho [subsp. bicolor]; sweet sorgo [subsp. bicolor]; sugar sorghum [subsp. bicolor]; sorghum sugar cane [subsp. bicolor]; chocolate corn [subsp. bicolor]; chocolate-corn [subsp. bicolor]; Sudangrass [subsp. drummondii]; Sudan-grass [subsp. drummondii]; Sudan grass [subsp. drummondii]; Sudan sorghum [subsp. drummondii]; Drummond's broomcorn [subsp. drummondii]; Drummond broomcorn [subsp. drummondii]; Drummond's shattercane [subsp. drummondii]; common wild sorghum [subsp. verticilliforum; subsp. arundinaceum]
Common name(s) generally applied to other taxa or multiple taxawild sorghum, Chinese sugarcane, Chinese sugar-cane, Chinese sugar cane, coffee corn, coffee-corn, Egyptian rice-corn, Egyptian wheat, great millet, guinea corn are applied to multiple Sorghum taxa; Johnson grass, Johnson-grass, Johnsongrass, broomcorn, broom-corn, broom corn, millet, African millet, pearl millet, pearl-millet, pearlmillet, black millet, Indian millet, millet-grass, millet grass, milletgrass, Egyptian corn, spear-grass, speargrass, spear grass, wild cane, wildcane are applied to multiple Poaceae taxa; millet-grass, millet grass, milletgrass, broom-grass, broom grass, broomgrass, cat grass are applied to taxa in multiple families
Common name(s), rejectednot recommended (pejorative or derogatory): Kafir corn, Kaffir-corn
NotesSudan is a proper name, so upper case preferable
Synonymy: The Jepson Manual (1993), FNA, PLANTS, etcsubsp. arundinaceum (Desv.) de Wet & J. R. Harlan ex Davidse; subsp. bicolor; subsp. drummondii (Nees ex Steud.) de Wet ex Davidse
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