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California Moss eFlora: Literature list

Jan 1 2013 ·

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Kellman, K. M. 2003. A catalogue of the mosses of Santa Cruz County, California. Madroño 50:61-82. [Lists 190 species and 1 variety.] |js|

Koch, L. F. 1951c. Mosses of California IV. Fissidens milobakeri sp. nov. The Bryologist 54:204-207. |js|

Pursell, R. A. 1979. On Fissidens. Nomenclatural and distributional notes on some American species. The Bryologist 82:58-64. [Discussion on Fissidens milobakeri.] |js|

Whittemore, A. T. and S. Sommers. 1999. The bryophytes of Edgewood County Park, San Mateo County Park, California. Evansia 16:143-146. |js|

Yurky, P. 1990. A bryophyte flora of Marin County. M.S. thesis. San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA. |js|

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