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California Moss eFlora: Literature list

Jan 1 2013 ·

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Koch, L. F. 1958. Mosses of California VI. Hall Research Natural Area and Mono County. Madroño 14:206-211. [Lists 72 taxa.] |js|

Koch, L. F. and G. J. Ikenberry 1954. Preliminary studies of California mosses II. The Bryologist 57:291-300. [Lists 150 taxa.] |js|

Renauld, F. and J. Cardot. 1888. New mosses of North America I. Botanical Gazette 13:197-203. [Lists Webera camptotrachela =Pohlia and Camptothecium amesiae =Homalothecium.] |js|

Shaw, A. J. 1981c. A taxonomic revision of the propaguliferous species of Pohlia (Musci) in North America. Journal of the Hattori Botanical Laboratory 50:1-81. |js|

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