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California Moss eFlora: Literature list

Jan 1 2013 ·

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Frisvoll, A. A. 1988. A taxonomic revision of the Racomitrium heterostichum group (Bryophyta, Grimmiales). Gunnera 59:1-288. |js|

Frye, T. C. 1918a. The Racomitriums of western North America. The Bryologist 21:1-16. |js|

Ignatov, M. S. and T. Cao. 1994. Bryophytes of Altai Mounatins IV. The family Grimmiaceae (Musci). Arctoa 3:67-122. [Illustrations for taxa occurring in California.] online at |js|

Ignatov, M. S. and E. A. Ignatova 2003. Moss flora of the Middle European Russia. Vol. I. Sphagnaceae-Hedwigiaceae. KMK Scientific Press, Ltd. Arctoa 11, Supplement 1:1-608. [Numerous excellent illustrations for species that occur in California.] |js|

Ireland, R. R. 1982. Moss flora of the Maritime Provinces. National Museum of Canada Publication in Botany 13.:1-738. [Excellent illustrations for many taxa occurring in California.] |js|

Lawton, E. 1971. Moss flora of the Pacific Northwest. Hattori Botanical Laboratory Nichinan, Miyazaki, Japan. |js|

Ochyra, R. 1998a. The moss flora of King George Island, Antarctica. Polish Academy of Sciences, W. Szafer Institute of Botany, Cracow, Poland. [Illustrations.] |js|

Wagner, D. H. 1998. Micrographica Muscorum Oregonensis 1. Racomitrium. Northwest Botanical Institute. Eugene, OR. |js|

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