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California Moss eFlora

Jan 1 2013 ·

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Brachymenium Schwägrichen, 1824.

Brachymenium is one of a group of Bryaceae that is being radically revised by Dr. John Spence. He has shown as ineffective the traditional distinction between Bryum (pendulous to inclined capsules) and Brachymenium (erect capsules).
see key to Bryum Etc.

Species included are in the Bryaceae:
Brachymenium exile (Dozy & Molkenboer) Bosch & Sande Lacoste, not known from CA
Brachymenium systylium (C. Müller Hal.) A. Jaeger, not known from CA
Brachymenium spirifolium (C. Müller Hal.) A. Jaeger, not known from CA

In the list above of Baja California Brachymenium, the first two will probably be transferred to Bryum and the last will be transferred to Rosulabryum.

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