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The Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California

  • Up-to-date information about California vascular plants is available from the Jepson eFlora.

Names are linked to treatments from the Manual


N.B.: couplets are linked, e.g., 1. is linked to 1'.

  1. Petals curving over fruit as fruit matures (sect. Inflexae)
    2. Petals < to ± > sepals
L. floccosa
      3. Flower cup-shaped; fruit papillate, generally with wide-conic tubercles
subsp. californica
      3' Flower bell- to urn-shaped; fruit with awl-shaped tubercles, also generally with bristles
subsp. floccosa
    2' Petals > sepals
      4. Stamens 2.5–4 mm
        5. Petals aging pink; anthers ± 1 mm; Peninsular Ranges
L. gracilis subsp. parishii
        5' Petals aging white; anthers 0.5–1 mm; c&s Sierra Nevada Foothills
L. montana
      4' Stamens 5–6 mm
L. alba
        6. Sepals densely hairy; fruit widely ridged; s North Coast Ranges, n&c Sierra Nevada Foothills, Great Central Valley
subsp. alba
        6' Sepals glabrous or sparsely hairy; fruit smooth or sharply tubercled; Cascade Range Foothills, n&c Sierra Nevada Foothills, n High Sierra Nevada
subsp. versicolor
  1' Petals reflexing as fruit matures (except rarely) (sect. Reflexae)
    7. Stamens 2–4 mm; petals 7–15 mm
      8. Leaflets generally entire (lower rarely 2–3-lobed); petals 7–9 mm; c Outer North Coast Ranges (near Willits, Mendocino Co.)
L. bakeri
      8' Leaflets entire to 2–3-lobed; petals 8–15 mm; Klamath Ranges, n&c Sierra Nevada Foothills
L. striata
    7' Stamens 5–8 mm; petals 10–18 mm
      9. Leaflets 3–5, entire
L. vinculans
      9' Leaflets 5–13, entire or often toothed or lobed
L. douglasii
        10. Petals yellow or yellow with white tips
          11. Petals yellow with white tips
subsp. douglasii
          11' Petals yellow
subsp. sulphurea
        10' Petals mostly white, not at all yellow (except rarely when dry)
          12. Petals white, veins white or purplish; nutlets ± tubercled above or smooth; North Coast Ranges, San Francisco Bay Area, South Coast Ranges
subsp. nivea
          12' Petals white, veins rose; nutlets ridged; Inner North Coast Ranges, Cascade Range Foothills, c Sierra Nevada Foothills, Great Central Valley
subsp. rosea

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