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The Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California

  • Up-to-date information about California vascular plants is available from the Jepson eFlora.

Names are linked to treatments from the Manual


N.B.: couplets are linked, e.g., 1. is linked to 1'.

  1. Leaves uniformly green, not mottled
    2. Perianth white with yellow base; stigma ± entire
      3. Perianth segments 10–20 mm, without sac-like folds at base
E. purpurascens
      3' Perianth segments 18–35 mm, inner with small sac-like folds at base
        4. Perianth segments < 1/3 yellow; leaves 6–17 cm; flowers 1–3; Klamath Ranges, High Cascade Range
E. klamathense
        4' Perianth segments 1/3–1/2 yellow; leaves 10–35 cm; flowers 1–8; s High Sierra Nevada
E. pusaterii
    2' Perianth yellow; stigma entire or lobed
      5. Perianth segments 15–28 mm; style and filaments yellow; stigma entire or with lobes < 1 mm; flowers 1–10
E. pluriflorum
      5' Perianth segments 20–35 mm; style and filaments white; stigma entire or with slender, recurved, 2–4 mm lobes; flowers 1–5
        6. Fresh perianth segments with narrow, pale zone at base; stigma lobes 2–4 mm; Klamath Ranges, North Coast Ranges
E. grandiflorum
        6' Fresh perianth segments lacking pale zone at base; stigma entire or with lobes < 1 mm; c Sierra Nevada Foothills
E. tuolumnense
  1' Leaves irregularly mottled with brown or white
    7. Filaments flat at base, generally > 1.5 mm wide; stigma lobes 4–6 mm
      8. Perianth segments pink with yellow base
E. revolutum
      8' Perianth segments white with yellow base
E. oregonum
    7' Filaments < 0.8 mm wide; stigma entire to lobed
      9. Perianth violet to pink with dark purple base
E. hendersonii
      9' Perianth ± white with yellow base
        10. Style 4–10 mm; anthers yellow, white, or cream
          11. Anthers white to cream; style ± straight; bulblets 0
E. citrinum
          11' Anthers yellow; style ± bent; bulblets 0 or sessile
E. helenae
        10' Style 10–15 mm; anthers white to cream
          12. Flower-stalk (when flowers > 1) branched well above leaves; bulblets 0
E. californicum
          12' Flower-stalk (when flowers > 1) branched near ground level; bulblets produced from long, slender rhizomes
E. multiscapoideum

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