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The Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California

  • Up-to-date information about California vascular plants is available from the Jepson eFlora.

Names are linked to treatments from the Manual


N.B.: couplets are linked, e.g., 1. is linked to 1'.

  1. Perennial
E. densifolium
    2. Leaves few-lobed or entire, generally glabrous; coastal dunes
subsp. densifolium
    2' Leaves variously lobed, densely hairy; generally away from immediate coast
      3. Leaves strongly recurved, blade wider at base than at tip, lobes spine-tipped — Mojave Desert
subsp. mohavense
      3' Leaves not recurved, blades generally equally wide at base, tip, lobes not spine tipped
        4. Corolla 25–32 mm; plants densely woolly — eastern South Coast (Santa Ana River)
subsp. sanctorum
        4' Corolla < 20 mm; plants generally hairy but not densely white-woolly
          5. Bracts generally 5–9-lobed; flowers generally 15–20
subsp. austromontanum
          5' Bracts generally 1–5-lobed; flowers generally < 15
subsp. elongatum
  1' Annual
    6. Corolla 15–23 mm
      7. Corolla bilateral, stamens unequal, bent toward lower lip
E. eremicum subsp. eremicum
      7' Corolla radial, stamens equal
        8. Stamens attached in corolla sinus
E. pluriflorum
        8' Stamens attached in base of corolla throat
E. virgatum
    6' Corolla < 15 mm
      9. Corolla lobes bright yellow
E. luteum
      9' Corolla lobes blue or white
        10. Stamens extended to tip of corolla lobes or beyond; corolla lobes bright blue
E. sapphirinum
        10' Stamens not extended as far as tip of corolla lobes; corolla lobes pale blue or white
          11. Stamens unequal
            12. Stamens attached at top of throat; calyx 5–6 mm
E. diffusum
            12' Stamens attached at base of throat or lower; calyx 6–10 mm
E. wilcoxii
          11' Stamens equal
            13. Filaments 2–3 mm
              14. Bracts, calyces extended beyond rest of inflorescence; s California, Baja California, generally not Desert
E. filifolium
              14' Bracts, calyces not extended beyond rest of inflorescence; East of Sierra Nevada, Desert
E. sparsiflorum
            13' Filaments < 2 mm
              15. Leaf lobes generally > 3; corolla lobes blue, tube, throat yellow
E. abramsii
              15' Leaf lobes 1–3; corolla white or pale blue
                16. Corolla > calyx; Inner North Coast Ranges
E. brandegeeae
                16' Corolla = calyx; Inner South Coast Ranges
E. hooveri

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