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The Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California

  • Up-to-date information about California vascular plants is available from the Jepson eFlora.

Names are linked to treatments from the Manual


N.B.: couplets are linked, e.g., 1. is linked to 1'.

  1. Calyx lobes 2–4; corolla tube 20-veined near base; nutlet surface smooth, cobblestone-like, or round-tubercled
    2. Stem (except inflorescence) generally ± glabrous, glaucous, ± pink below; leaf glaucous; nutlet surface smooth, with a longitudinal groove, scar not obvious
A. vernicosa
      3. Corolla 12–18 mm, 8–14 mm wide at top, orange; generally heterostylous; nutlet groove forked at base
var. furcata
      3' Corolla 8–12 mm, 2–8 mm wide at top, yellow; not heterostylous; nutlet groove unforked
var. vernicosa
    2' Stem hairy, not glaucous, green; leaf not glaucous; nutlet surface smooth, cobblestone-like, or round-tubercled, ungrooved, with lateral scar
      4. Corolla 14–22 mm, 10–16 mm wide at top; heterostylous
        5. Nutlet surface cobblestone-like; corolla yellow-orange; South Coast Ranges, Western Transverse Ranges
A. douglasiana
        5' Nutlet surface smooth; corolla red-orange; west-central Great Central Valley
A. grandiflora
      4' Corolla 8–16 mm, 2–10 mm wide at top; not heterostylous
A. tessellata
        6. Corolla 12–16 mm, 6–10 mm wide at top; anthers not appressed to, often below stigma
var. gloriosa
        6' Corolla 8–12 mm, 2–6 mm wide at top; anthers appressed to stigma
var. tessellata
  1' Calyx lobes 5; corolla tube 10-veined near base; nutlet surface generally sharp-tubercled, often ridged
    7. Nutlet 1–2 mm; leaf margin finely toothed; coastal or on inland dunes
A. spectabilis
      8. Stem erect; all calyx lobes free; nutlet 1–1.5 mm; heterostylous
var. microcarpa
      8' Stem generally decumbent; 2–3 calyx lobes ± half fused; nutlet 1.5–2 mm; heterostylous or not
var. spectabilis
    7' Nutlet 2–4 mm; leaf margin generally entire; inland, including dunes
      9. Corolla bilateral, tube bent, limb with 2 red-orange marks; heterostylous or anthers in upper, lower groups
A. lunaris
      9' Corolla radial, tube straight, limb with 0 or 5 red-orange marks; not heterostylous
        10. Corolla ± closed by hairy bulges at top of tube; stamens, style included in tube
A. lycopsoides
        10' Corolla open; stamens, style exserted from tube, included in throat
          11. Corolla 10–20 mm, 8–14 mm wide at top; anthers not appressed to, generally below stigma
A. eastwoodiae
          11' Corolla 4–11 mm, 2–10 mm wide at top; anthers generally appressed to stigma
A. menziesii
            12. Corolla 7–11 mm, 4–10 mm wide at top, ± orange
var. intermedia
            12' Corolla 4–7 mm, 2–3 mm wide at top, pale yellow
var. menziesii

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