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The Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California

  • Up-to-date information about California vascular plants is available from the Jepson eFlora.

Names are linked to treatments from the Manual


N.B.: couplets are linked, e.g., 1. is linked to 1'.

  1. Annual from slender taproot; involucre 10–25 mm in fruit; outer fruits sometimes wavy-ribbed or inflated (and ribless)
A. heterophylla
  1' Perennial from stout taproot and caudex; involucre 15–60 mm in fruit; outer fruits generally straight-ribbed
    2. Corollas orange or brick-red, drying purplish — Klamath Ranges, High North Coast Ranges, Modoc Plateau, High Cascade Range, High Sierra Nevada
A. aurantiaca
    2' Corollas yellow (often reddish on back), drying pinkish
      3. Fruit ± flat-topped, tapered abruptly to beak; beak >> fruit; leaf lobes generally angled toward leaf base — widespread
A. retrorsa
      3' Fruit tapered gradually to beak; beak sometimes < fruit; leaf lobes generally 0, spreading, or angled toward leaf tip
        4. Beak > 2 × fruit body; corolla ± = involucre — widespread
A. grandiflora
        4' Beak < 2 × fruit body; corolla > involucre
          5. Involucre 8–21 mm; leaf tip obtuse to acute
A. apargioides
            6. Leaf blade narrow throughout, generally deeply lobed; ± inland North Coast, Outer North Coast Ranges, Central Western California, n Channel Islands < 500 m
var. apargioides
            6' Leaf blade much wider toward tip, generally obtuse or rounded, entire to few-lobed; coastal North Coast, Central Coast
var. eastwoodiae
          5' Involucre often > 21 mm in fruit; leaf tip acute to generally long-tapered — Klamath Ranges, Cascade Range, Sierra Nevada, Great Basin Floristic Province, > 500 m
            7. Plant 30–65 cm; involucre 25–35 mm in fruit; beak = or > fruit body — High Sierra Nevada
A. elata
            7' Plant 3–50 cm; involucre 10–30 mm in fruit; beak < fruit body
A. glauca
              8. Plant 20–50 cm; inflorescence glabrous; leaves entire or few-toothed, ± glabrous; Modoc Plateau, White and Inyo Mountains
var. glauca
              8' Plant 3–25 cm; upper inflorescence axis (and sometimes phyllaries) hairy; Klamath Ranges, Cascade Range, Sierra Nevada, Great Basin Floristic Province
                9. Inflorescence hairs nonglandular, opaque; outer phyllaries lanceolate, often abruptly long-tapered; leaves long-tapered, irregular lobes often angled toward base
var. laciniata
                9' Some inflorescence hairs glandular, translucent; outer phyllaries ± ovate, evenly tapered; leaves acute, ± entire
var. monticola

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