Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.

Results from INA database

    Areschougia sedoidesHarvey Phycol. Austral. 2: pl. CXVII 1859
    Bindera splachnoidesHarvey Phycol. Austral. 2: pl. CXI 1859
    Calliblepharis preissiana(Sonder) Harvey Phycol. Austral. pl. CVI 1859
    Callithamnion licmophorumHarvey Phycol. Austral. 2: pl. XC 1859
    Caulerpa harveyi var. crispataHarvey Phycol. Austral. 2: pl. XCV 1859
    Caulerpa sedoides var. geminata(Harvey) Harvey Phycol. Austral. 2: pl. LXXII: figs. 3, 4 1859
    Caulerpa simpliciuscula var. vesiculiferaHarvey Phycol. Austral. 2: pl. LXV: figs. 3, 4 1859
    Cladophora anastomosansHarvey Phycol. Austral. 2: pl. CI 1859
    Cladophora bainesiiF. Mueller & Harvey in Harvey Phyc. Austral. 2: pl. CXII 1859
    Cladosiphon chordaria var. dictyosiphonHarvey Phycol. Austral.: pl. LX 1858
    Cliftonia lamourouxiiHarvey Phycol. Austral. 2: expl. pl. C 1859
    Cliftonia pectinataHarvey Phycol. Austral. pl. C 1859
    Encyothalia cliftonii_(`cliftoni')Harvey Phycol. Austral. 2: pl. LXII 1859
    Erythroclonium sonderiHarvey Phycol. Austral. 2: pl. LXXXVI 1859
    Gloiosaccion browniiHarvey Phycol. Austral. expl. pl. LXXXIII 1859
    Gloiosaccion brownii var. firmumHarvey Phycol. Austral. expl. pl. LXXXIII 1859
    Gloiosaccion brownii var. membranaceumHarvey Phycol. Austral. expl. pl. LXXXIII 1859
    Halydictyon australe(Sonder) Harvey Phycol. Austral. 2: pl. XCI 1859
    Halymenia cliftonii ('cliftoni')Harvey Phycol. Austral. pl. CIII 1859
    Nemastoma comosum_(`comosa')Harvey Phyc. austral. 2: pl. CIX 1859
    Nitophyllum erosumHarvey Phycol. Austral. 2: pl. XCIV 1859
    Peyssonnelia multifidaHarvey Phycol. Austral. 2: text to pl. LXXXI 1859
    Polysiphonia forfexHarvey Phycol. Austral. 2: pl. XCVI 1859