Jepson Flora Project: Jepson Interchange for California Floristics    


Explanation of fields

Source of Report for California
The source from which the Interchange obtained the name, principally The Jepson Manual, with additions from---
  1. "Synthesis of the North American Flora", a computer application developed by John Kartesz and Christopher Meacham and donated by the authors to the Jepson Herbarium along with unpublished material.
  2. Curatorial practices in UC/JEPS for noting new California records
  3. Searches in the SMASCH specimen database
  4. files maintained by Jepson Herbarium personnel for purposes of correcting and updating The Jepson Manual
  5. Searches in BIOSIS and the Kew Record
  6. Draft of publication on introduced California plants by Hrusa et al.