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Searsia lancea (L. f.) F.A. Barkley

Information from the Index of California Plant Names (ICPN)
Initial Editorial Analysis 13 Jun 2011
Source of Report for California  
a [for Rhus lancea L. f.] Hrusa et al., ms later published in Madrono 49(2)61-98. 2002: DISTRIBUTION: SCo, DSon; STATUS: established.
b [for Rhus lancea L. f.] Hrusa et al., Madrono 49(2)61-98. 2002: DIST: SCo, DSon: Hrusa et al. Current Status: Naturalized outside of wildlands: DOC: Riverside Co.: Coachella Valley, Palm Springs, W side of Palm Canyon Dr. just above (S of) junction with Hwy 111, weedy disturbed vacant lot, clearly spontaneous. 33°47.75'N, 116°32.52'W; T04S, R04E, Sec. 27, SB. El. 140 m. Mar. 17 1996, A. C. Sanders and G. Helmkamp 17982 (UCR); Palm Springs, Murray Canyon, off Palm Canyon, a solitary arborescent shrub 4-5 m tall at the edge of the stream between palm groves, el. 245 m., far from any cultivated plants, 33°45.5'N, 116°33'W, T04N, R03E, Sec. 10, SB. Feb 8, 1997, A. C. Sanders et al 19686 (UCR); Riverside, S side of the U.C.R. campus, a solitary shrub, apparently spontaneous, growing wedged between a large pecan tree and the wall of a concrete reservoir. El. 400 m. Feb 26, 1997, A. C. Sanders 19688 (UCR); Ventura Co.: Hills north of Moorpark, 0.5 mile west of Happy Camp Canyon, 1.9 miles north of Arroyo Simi Channel, T02N R19W sec. 33, el. 245-275 m., invasive in coastal sage scrub, particularly in small drainages. Jul. 27, 1995, C. Jones and R. Ramirez 8 (RSA, UCR): NOTES: Native to S. Africa and widely cultivated in California, these are the first records of naturalized plants in California. Doubtless naturalized elsewhere in S. Calif. as the locations where it has been found represent much of the range of environmental conditions in lowland southern California, from the Sonoran Desert to the mild maritime influenced climate of Ventura County.
Initial Editorial Comments [for Rhus lancea L. f.] according to Source b, in California naturalized, in SCo, DSon, and doubtlessly elsewhere in s CA
Correspondence and Comments Subsequent to Initial Analysis
Correspondence 1 Treatment and author notes submitted for The Jepson Manual [Ed. 2] by John M. Miller see Comment 1
Editorial Comments 1 Correspondence 1 indicates that for The Jepson Manual [Ed. 2] Rhus lancea L. f. is to be treated as naturalized in CA.
Correspondence 2 Revised treatment and author notes submitted for The Jepson Manual [Ed. 2] by John M. Miller & Bruce G. Baldwin see Comment 2
Editorial Comments 2 Correspondence 2 indicates that for The Jepson Manual [Ed. 2] Rhus lancea L. f. is to be treated as a synonym of Searsia lancea (L. f.) F.A. Barkley, which is to be treated as naturalized in CA, based on populations in DSon and SCo, and that the transfer is based on molecular phylogenetic results of Pell et al. 2008 Syst Bot 33:375--383, which showed Rhus to be polyphyletic without recognition of Searsia as a distinct genus.
Editorial Summary and Current Status
Editorial Summary addition, different genus for The Jepson Manual [Ed. 2]
Current Status JFP-2, accepted name for taxon naturalized in CA
Current Status Authority The Jepson Manual [Ed. 2]
Current Status Date 13 Jun 2011
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List of ICPN names in Searsia
List of names from ICPN, Hrusa's Crosswalk, and Jepson Flora in Searsia

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