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Hordeum vulgare L. var. vulgare

Information from the Index of California Plant Names (ICPN)
Initial Editorial Analysis 5 Aug 2011
Source of Report for California  
a Hrusa et al., ms later published in Madrono 49(2)61-98. 2002: DISTRIBUTION: CCo.; STATUS: roadside waif.; NOTES: Numerous unvouchered records at CDA (based on specimens submitted but not retained); observed as common on road cutbanks in northern California, perhaps planted purposely. Expected widely; "...along Hwy 46...weed on roadside, solitary...1992..."
b [for Hordeum vulgare L. sensu lato, i.e., including material referable to var. trifurcatum (Schlecht.) Alef.] Hrusa et al., Madrono 49(2)61-98. 2002: DIST: CA-FP: Hrusa et al. Current Status: Casual: DOC: Alpine Co.: W Fk. Carson River, ca 1 mi. W from Woodfords along Crystal Springs Rd. June 22, 1974, D.W. Taylor 3911 (UC); Los Angeles Co.: San Clemente Island, widely scattered over mesa summit and S slopes. May, 1936, N. Murbarger 174 (UC); Marin Co.: nr. Inverness. June 3, 1945, J.T. Howell 20918 (UC); Mariposa Co.: valley floor, Yosemite Valley, Yosemite Natl. Park. Apr. 1, 1934, P.S. Bartholomew s.n. (UC); Mendocino Co.: nr. Ukiah, volunteer in oat-field. May 25, 1899, J. Burtt Davy and W.C. Blasdale 5059 [awned] (UC); May 25, 1899, J. Burtt Davy 5058 [awned] (UC); Sacramento Co.: Volunteering in residential garden. Mar. 29, 1979, K. Miller s.n. (CDA); San Diego Co.: Simpson, M.G. et al. (1996, pg. 80); San Luis Obispo Co.: ROW along Hwy 46 approx. 4 mi. E Paso Robles. Weed on roadside, solitary. El. 200 meters. 35°39'N;120°26'W. Apr. 4, 1992, G.F. Hrusa 10345 (CDA); Cuyama Valley, weed at edge of barley field, immed. W of int. Hwy 33 and Hwy 166. Penetrating into planted field along edges. El. 650m. 34°55''N; 119°33'W. Apr. 26, 1998, G.F. Hrusa 14276 (CDA); Siskiyou Co.: Volunteer; subsaline flat and roadside, betw. Old Highway 99 and RR at Truttman Lane, 3.2 Kartesz & Meacham S of Grenada. El. 800m. T44N, R06W, Sec. 34, MD. Apr. 28, 1980, G.D. Barbe 2589 (CDA); Ventura Co.: San Nicolas Island, N edge of mesa, E end of old landfill, E of Living Compound. Apparently used for erosion control on inactive landfill site. Apr. 1, 1992, S. Junak SN-789 (JEPS, SBBG): NOTES: Although sporadic occurrences are well-documented, these were all determined to be casuals and accordingly the species was not included in The Jepson Manual. This species is also commonly used for roadcut erosion control and it may be difficult to determine if a local site or population is established or recently planted. Records listed above are representative; the species can be expected in every California county. Numerous unvouchered records are on file at CDA (based on specimens submitted but not retained); observed as common on roadcut banks throughout northern California, especially so along that part of the Interstate 5 corridor. Hordeum vulgare var. trifurcatum is a hooded form, reported as a roadside weed almost as often as the typical variety, although probably due to its visible distinctiveness and not frequency. Annotations at UC by N. Jacobsen (1980) do not recognize var. trifurcatum.
Initial Editorial Comments according to Source c, in California occurring as a waif (27 Feb 2003).
Correspondence and Comments Subsequent to Initial Analysis
Correspondence 1 Treatment and author notes submitted for The Jepson Manual [Ed. 2] see Comment 1
Editorial Comments 1 Correspondence 1 indicates that for The Jepson Manual [Ed. 2] infraspecific taxa are not recognized in Hordeum vulgare L., so that Hordeum vulgare L. var. vulgare is to be treated as a synonym of Hordeum vulgare L, which is to be treated as a waif in CA.
Editorial Summary and Current Status
Editorial Summary rejection, to be treated as syn
Current Status JFP-3a, taxonomic or nomenclatural synonym for taxon occurring in CA only as a waif and/or garden escape, not naturalized
Current Status Authority The Jepson Manual [Ed. 2]
Current Status Date 5 Aug 2011
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List of ICPN names in Hordeum vulgare
List of names from ICPN, Hrusa's Crosswalk, and Jepson Flora in Hordeum

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