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Stellaria borealis Bigelow subsp. borealis

Initial Editorial Analysis 20 Jan 2006
Source of Report for California Flora North America (added manually by Rosatti)
Initial Editorial Comments indicated for California in Flora North America treatment by John K. Morton, wherein it is also stated, "The circumboreal subsp. borealis is highly variable in habit, leaf shape, and inflorescence development. This variation is partly genetic but is also greatly influenced by the environment. The broad-leaved form named Stellaria calycantha var. latifolia is of occasional occurrence. A similar broad-leaved form occurs in subsp. sitchana. In both of these variants, the leaf blades are elliptic-lanceolate to elliptic, with a length-to-width ratio of 2.5-3 : 1. These variants retain their characters under cultivation. However, the occurrence of the same variational trend in both subspecies makes taxonomic recognition of this variation problematic.//Subspecies borealis hybridizes fairly frequently with S. longifolia to produce a sterile triploid (2n = 39). These hybrids are intermediate between the parents but have copious inflorescences with widely divaricate branches and numerous small, completely sterile flowers. Similar hybrids can be readily produced experimentally (C. C. Chinnappa 1985). European and North American workers (most recently B. Jonsell and T. Karlsson 2000+, vol. 2) often have called these hybrids S. alpestris Fries, but that name has caused a great deal of confusion and R. K. Rabeler (1986) concluded that it more correctly applies to subsp. borealis.". Stellaria borealis Bigelow subsp. borealis "erroneously reported for California in Flora North America (Morton 2005)." in ms submitted for The Jepson Manual [Ed. 2] by Ron Hartman, Rich Rabeler.
Editorial Summary and Current Status
Editorial Summary rejection, based on erroneous report
Current Status JFP-8, accepted name for taxon not occurring in CA (erroneous reports, misapplication of names, misidentifications, other exclusions)
Current Status Authority The Jepson Manual [Ed. 2]
Current Status Date 20 Jan 2006
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List of ICPN names in Stellaria borealis
List of names from ICPN, Hrusa's Crosswalk, and Jepson Flora in Stellaria

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