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Selaginella kraussiana (Kunze) A. Braun

Information from the Index of California Plant Names (ICPN)
Initial Editorial Analysis 12 Dec 2017
Source of Report for California  
a Lellinger, D.B. 1985. A Field Manual of the Ferns and Fern-Allies of the United States and Canada. Smithsonian Inst., Washington, as cited in Kartesz & Meacham
b Hrusa et al., ms later published in Madrono 49(2)61-98. 2002: DISTRIBUTION: NCo.; STATUS: established.
c Hrusa et al., Madrono 49(2)61-98. 2002: DIST: NCo: Hrusa et al. Current Status: Naturalized outside of wildlands: DOC: Humboldt Co.: Arcata. Damp, shaded areas near Humboldt State University Conservatory. April 5, 2000, G. Leppig 1286 (HSC); redwood forest behind Humboldt State University, along stream at Fern Lake. April 12, 2000, G. Leppig 1290 (CDA, HSC); Sonoma Co.: Best, C., et al. (1996, pg. 25).
Initial Editorial Comments in no way mentioned in Munz, The Jepson Manual [Ed. 1]; according to Kartesz & Meacham, otherwise known only from se US; according to Source c, in California "naturalized" only outside of wildlands, in NCo (10 Feb 2003)
Correspondence and Comments Subsequent to Initial Analysis
Correspondence 1 Jun 2000 pers. comm. from Alan R. Smith see Comment 1
Editorial Comments 1 Correspondence 1 indicates naturalization in California questionable, if not doubtful.
Correspondence 2 9 Jun 2004 e-mail from Jeff Greenhouse see Comment 2
Editorial Comments 2 Correspondence 2 indicates that Alan Smith, in a 2 Apr 2004 e-mail [to Greenhouse], states that the G. Leppig 1290 specimen (referred to in Source c; UC1776736 is a duplicate) from Humboldt Co. "may be naturalized" [as pointed out by Greenhouse, a possibility supported by the associates listed on the label, Athyrium filix-femina, Lysichiton americanum, and Polystichum munitum], and that this species " certainly naturalized in UCBG, and I would expect it to become naturalized in other places in the state too....Probably it should be included in the Jepson Manual." [Greenhouse also points out in Correspondence 2 that the Hrusa et al. Sonoma Co. reference given in Source c is to a 1965 Walter Knight collection said to be naturalized from Griffith Woods in se. Vine Hill District.]
Editorial Summary and Current Status
Editorial Summary addition, for taxon reported as naturalized in California since The Jepson Manual [Ed. 1]
Current Status JFP-2, accepted name for taxon naturalized in CA
Current Status Authority Jepson Flora Project
Current Status Date 12 Dec 2017
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List of ICPN names in Selaginella
List of names from ICPN, Hrusa's Crosswalk, and Jepson Flora in Selaginella

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