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Asclepias latifolia (Torr.) Raf.
APOCYNACEAE (genus previously included in Asclepiadaceae)

Information from the Index of California Plant Names (ICPN)
Initial Editorial Analysis 5 Jan 2007
Source of Report for California  
a Cronquist, A. et al. 1972-1997. Intermountain Flora: Vascular Plants of the Intermountain West, Vols. 1, 3a, 3b, 4, and 5. Columbia Univ. Press, New York, as cited in Kartesz & Meacham
b Rosatti SMASCH notes: Taxon not treated in The Jepson Manual [Ed. 1]
Initial Editorial Comments two records in SMASCH, UC277068, UC449991; in no way mentioned in Munz, The Jepson Manual [Ed. 1]; indicated for most of sw us, as native plant in Kartesz & Meacham
Correspondence and Comments Subsequent to Initial Analysis
Correspondence 1 $ 28 Jan 2002 e-mail from Margriet Wetherwax see Comment 1
Editorial Comments 1 Correspondence 1 indicates that one of the SMASCH records is based on misidentification, and that the other is questionable with respect to locality, but evidently not identity.
Correspondence 2 10 Jun 2002 e-mail from Jeff Greenhouse see Comment 2
Editorial Comments 2 Correspondence 2 confirms that the locality for UC449991, correctly identified as Asclepias latifolia (Torr.) Raf., probably is not in CA, NV, or AZ, and that in fact no vouchers have been confirmed for CA.
Correspondence 3 11 Dec 2006 e-mail from Tim Lowrey, in response to inquiry from Rosatti see Comment 3
Editorial Comments 3 Correspondence 3 states, in part, "Now that you mention it I do remember an Asclepias that grew on our ranch and my recollection is that it was like A. latifolia, broad leaves for sure. There are two places where it might be. We do have a dry wash with Asclepias on one of our properties in Rumsey proper. As I remember another Asclepias, like latifolia (it could be) grows on another of our properties in the Coast Range on the west side of the Capay Valley. My recollection is that it certainly could have been A. latifolia since we have it here in NM too." [According to Jeff Greenhouse (pers. comm.), who has seen Storer's collection notebook, Storer (collector of UC449991) definitely was in or near Rumsey on 29 June 1912, trapping mammals, mostly.]
Correspondence 4 Treatment and author notes submitted for The Jepson Manual [Ed. 2] by Thomas J. Rosatti see Comment 4
Editorial Comments 4 Correspondence 4 indicates that for The Jepson Manual [Ed. 2] Asclepias latifolia (Torr.) Raf. is to be treated, at least for the time being, as a taxon that is extirpated in CA: Based on key in Woodson: UC449991 (Tracy I. Storer; Jun 29, 1912; Rumsey, Yolo Co.), identified on label doubtfully as _Asclepias latifolia_ (Torr.) Raf., may belong instead to _Asclepias eriocarpa_ Benth. (peduncles in _A. latifolia_ 0--1.5 cm, in _A. eriocarpa_ 1--10 cm; on specimen +- 2.5 cm, and fls few and past their prime); the material in a photocopy of MO1170403 (R. W. Schery & E. Curtis; July 19, 1939, 30 miles west of Grant Park, Co. not indicated, but the only Grant Park in the Jepson Place Name Index is in sw Ventura Co., well within the range of A. eriocarpa and A. erosa, but quite far away from the one dot indicated in California for _A. latifolia_ by Woodson, which evidently is in Inyo Co., possibly representing a locality within 30 miles -- but to the east -- of Sequoia National Park, sometimes known in 1939 as Grant Park), identified on label (handwritten on otherwise typed label) and on annotation by S. P. Lynch in 1984 as _Asclepias latifolia_, also may belong instead to _Asclepias eriocarpa_. Tim Lowrey (pers. comm.), who is familiar with the species in NM, remembers as a child plants possibly belonging to _Asclepias latifolia_ occurring on dry washes near his family home near Rumsey (collection locality for UC449991). Final resolution will not occur at least until after a visit to the Rumsey area, planned for Spring of 2007, but until then it seems most judicious to treat this taxon as extirpated in CA.
Editorial Summary and Current Status
Editorial Summary rejection, extirpated in CA
Current Status JFP-6, accepted name for taxon extirpated in CA
Current Status Authority The Jepson Manual [Ed. 2]
Current Status Date 5 Jan 2007
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