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Salvinia molesta D. S. Mitch.

Information from the Index of California Plant Names (ICPN)
Initial Editorial Analysis 23 Jun 2010
Notes on Authorship of Name = Authors of Plant Names
Source of Report for California  
a Preston e-mail of 5 Jul 2000, "Ponds, lakes, reservoirs, canals; NCoR (Napa, Sonoma cos.), SCo, DSon (Colorado River); native to S. Am.; California Exotic Pest Plant Council (CalEPPC). 1999. Exotic pest plants of greatest concern in California. Oct, 1999. San Juan Capistrano, CA."
b Hrusa et al., ms later published in Madrono 49(2)61-98. 2002: DISTRIBUTION: SCo, Dson.; STATUS: established (DSon). tenuous (SCo).; NOTES: Noxious Weed listing by California Dept. of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) is as Salvinia auriculata Aubl. sensu lato. Acc. to D.S. Mitchell, North American material is probably all S. molesta (pers. comm. C. Jacono, USGS), but routine determination below Salvinia auriculata complex is problematic. Eradication attempts currently underway by CDFA, USDA-APHIS. Despite attempts by the Agricultural Commissioners Offices in every county of the state to restrict its sale, this species defiantly continues to be sold throughout California by commercial nurseries, pet stores, fish dealers and others with an interest in aquatic vegetation. Interstate shipment or sale is monitored by USDA-APHIS, but Interstate internet sales continue almost unabated. Nurseries selling this species are sometimes forced to appeal to their Agricultural commissioner's offices for help controlling it in their own facilities, underscoring the dangerously aggressive and rapid nature of its growth pattern. It may be found sold under the common names of "salvinia", "water velvet", and "water fern" among others.
c Hrusa et al., Madrono 49(2)61-98. 2002: DIST: DSon, SCo: Hrusa et al. Current Status: Naturalized in wildlands, Naturalized outside of wildlands (DSon), Persistence tenuous (SCo): DOC: Imperial Co.: N side Hwy 98 in E Highline Canal nr. Winterhaven. T16S, R20E, Sec. 01, SB. Aug. 25, 1999, Johnson s.n. (CDA); All American Canal at Drop 1 nr. Coachella Canal. Sample from equipment which at this point collects vegetation floating down the canal. Winterhaven area. T16S, R20E, Sec. 31, SB. Aug. 25, 1999, Johnson s.n. (CDA); Riverside Co.: Drain canal of Palo Verde Irrig. District, Blythe region. T06S, R23E, SB. Aug. 20, 1999, R. O'Connell s.n. (CDA); San Diego Co.: Private pond in vicinity of Fallbrook off Harris Truck trail. Oct. 28, 1999. S. Riviera s.n. (CDA); San Luis Obispo Co.: NOTES: Reported from San Diego River (San Diego Co.) Aug., 1999 but no specimen has been seen. Fallbrook location may have been purposely planted for resale. Eradication attempts are currently underway by CDFA, USDA-APHIS in all sites. A Federal Noxious Weed, sale or growth is prohibited.
Initial Editorial Comments According to Source c, indicated as naturalized in wildlands in DSon and SCo, but also indicated to be naturalized outside of wildlands in DSon, and persistence tenuous in SCo (10 Feb 2003)
Correspondence and Comments Subsequent to Initial Analysis
Correspondence 1 19 Oct 2001 e-mail from Margriet Wetherwax see Comment 1
Editorial Comments 1 Correspondence 1 indicates status pending, report based on tentative identification, more study needed.
Correspondence 2 Treatment and author notes submitted for The Jepson Manual [Ed. 2] by Bruce G. Baldwin see Comment 2
Editorial Comments 2 Correspondence 2 indicates that for The Jepson Manual [Ed. 2] Salvinia molesta D. S. Mitch. is to be treated as naturalized in CA.
Editorial Summary and Current Status
Editorial Summary addition, for taxon reported as naturalized in California since The Jepson Manual [Ed. 1]
Current Status JFP-2, accepted name for taxon naturalized in CA
Current Status Authority The Jepson Manual [Ed. 2]
Current Status Date 23 Jun 2010
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List of ICPN names in Salvinia
List of names from ICPN, Hrusa's Crosswalk, and Jepson Flora in Salvinia

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