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Dittrichia graveolens (L.) Greuter

Information from the Index of California Plant Names (ICPN)
Initial Editorial Analysis 11 Feb 2003
Notes on Authorship of Name both = Authors of Plant Names
Source of Report for California  
a 1997 Madrono, as cited in Kartesz & Meacham
b Rosatti SMASCH notes: Not treated in The Jepson Manual [Ed. 1]
c MF (letter to Baldwin from Rob Preston, about discovery of this taxon in CA, and plans to publish a note about it in Madrono)
d Preston e-mail of 5 Jul 2000, "naturalized in CA. Ruderal. SnFrB, GV; native to Medit.; Preston, R. E. 1997. Dittrichia graveolens (Asteraceae), new to the California weed flora. Madroño 44:200-203."
e Hrusa et al., ms later published in Madrono 49(2)61-98. 2002: DISTRIBUTION: SnFrB, ScV.; STATUS: established.; NOTES: Also noted by Ertter at Coyote Hills Recreation Area, and Lake Del Valle, Alameda Co. Rapidly spreading invasive weed. R. Preston (pers. comm. to B. Ertter, 1-00) reports it is appearing as scattered individuals on most major highways leading inland from the San Francisco Bay Area.
f Simpson, M. G., and J. P. Rebman, 1996. Checklist of the Vascular Plants of San Diego County. 3rd edition. SDSU Herbarium Press, San Diego, CA
g Hrusa et al., Madrono 49(2)61-98. 2002: DIST: CCo, SCo, ScV, SnFrB: Hrusa et al. Current Status: Naturalized in wildlands: DOC: Alameda Co.: San Francisco Bay Wildlife Refuge at end of Cushing Road, forming dense masses on levee. Nov. 3, 1995, B. Ertter 14542 (UC); Shadow Cliffs Recreation Area, Livermore Valley, abundant in riparian woodland. Sept. 28, 1998, B. Ertter 16412 (UC); Merritt College, common in parking lot on west side of campus. 0ct. 8, 2000, Ertter 17540 (UC); Gravelly sidewalk strip at corner of Monaco and Mission Drs. in Pleasanton. 37°39'08"N, 121°52'45"W. Nov. 22, 2000, D. Petersen 00-54. (CDA); Niles Cyn. Rd. betw. Sunol and Fremont, mile marker 16. In Alameda Cr., sand/gravel bar. 37°35'43"N, 121°54'22"W. Oct. 27, 2001, D. Petersen s.n. (CDA); Site M.5 storage area in Camp Parks, Dublin. Disturbed, graveled parking area. 37°43'28"N, 121°52'30"W. Oct. 17, 2001, D. Petersen 240 (CDA); Arroyo de la Laguna at Verona Bridge (Pleasanton) on gravel bar beside stream. 37°37'35"N, 121°52'55"W. Nov. 14, 2001, D. Petersen s.n. (CDA); Alameda/Contra Costa Co. [line]: Redwood Regional Park, West Ridge Road. Oct. 15, 2000, Ertter 17541 (UC); Contra Costa Co.: Lime Ridge, sterile flat in bowl of quarry area just south of Ygnacio Valley Road, in vicinity of Ygnacio Reservoir, Concord. Locally common. T01N, R01W, Sec. 08, MD. Oct. 18, 1998, B. Ertter and W.A. Morosco 16423 (JEPS); loc. cit. Dec. 29, 1999, Case and Ertter s.n. (CDA); San Mateo Co: About twenty plants on trailside, E end of Weeks St. adj. to Bay Lands Nature Preserve, E. Palo Alto. Oct. 18, 2001, J. Beall s.n. (CDA); Santa Clara Co.: Preston, R.E. (1997, 200-203); abundant, two miles north of Alviso Railroad tracks at upper edge of tidal marsh. Nov. 1, 1984, H.T. Harvey s.n. (CDA, SJSU, UC). C.W. Sharsmith, 5-88.; Overflow channel east of Coyote Creek, 25 yards W of Milpitas Sewage Treatment Plant. 1/4 acre. Oct. 16, 2000, J. Beall s.n. (CDA, UCR); roadside and in pasture at 4010 Calaveras Rd., Milpitas. Nov. 15, 2000, N. Garrison s.n. (CDA); Solano Co.: Suisun City, parking lot opposite wildlife center at Peytonia Slough, also near Civic Marina. Oct. 2, 2000, A.M. Shapiro s.n. (DAV); Yolo Co.: City of West Sacramento, about 0.5 km W of Harbor Blvd., N of West Capitol Ave., along a jeep trail on the S side of the railroad embankment. Oct. 29, 1999, A.M. Shapiro s.n. (DAV): NOTES: Also noted by Ertter at Coyote Hills Recreation Area, and Lake Del Valle; by K. Hintsa at Rock City, Mount Diablo, all Alameda Co. D. Petersen (pers. comm. to Hrusa, 10-2001), reports it is becoming common at Camp Parks, Alameda Co., where it occupies creekbanks as well as roadcuts and roadsides. A much-branched, densely glandular, odoriferous, fall-blooming annual, superficially reminiscent of a tarweed but with narrow overlapping phyllaries, or of Conyza but with yellow flowers. Ray flowers are reduced, and leaves are alternate. A rapidly spreading invasive weed. R. Preston (pers. comm. to B. Ertter, 1-2000) reports it is now moving into the Central Valley as scattered individuals on most major highways leading inland from the San Francisco Bay Area.
Initial Editorial Comments two records in SMASCH, UC1601326 (H. T. Harvey, 1 Nov 1984, Alviso RR tracks, Santa Barbara Co.), UC1606993 (Robert T. Preston 690, 14 Nov 1994, Alviso Marina, Santa Clara Co.); included in list of "non-controversial additions" to flora generated by Ertter in e-mail of 16 Jan 2001 and confirmed by Baldwin in e-mail of same day (but not included in UCJEPS Web List); naturalized in CA, not listed in The Jepson Manual [Ed. 1], according to Simpson & Rebman, 1996; according to Source g, in California naturalized in wildlands, in CCo, SCo, ScV, SnFrB, confirming Current Status 2 (11 Feb 2003)
Correspondence and Comments Subsequent to Initial Analysis
Correspondence 1 Jun 2000 pers. comm. from John L. Strother see Comment 1
Editorial Comments 1 Correspondence 1 indicates additional, unspecified collections.
Correspondence 2 11 Dec 2001 e-mail from Barrett Anderson see Comment 2
Editorial Comments 2 Correspondence 2 indicates H. T. Harvey collection from "Alviso RR tracks" [as cited under Comments] probably from Santa Clara Co., instead of Santa Barbara Co., and that the species is widespread and abundant, mostly in highly disturbed locations, in Contra Costa and Solano cos.
Correspondence 3 29 Sep 2004 Interchange Feedback from Barry Anderson see Comment 3
Editorial Comments 3 Correspondence 3 indicates that three individuals of Dittrichia graveolens (L.) Greuter were found on a wetland mitigation site along Sierra College Boulevard near Highway 193 in Placer County on September 28, 2004, that they possibly were brought in by equipment constructing the mitigation wetlands two years before, that the plants were removed, and that the site was not thoroughly searched for more.
Editorial Summary and Current Status
Editorial Summary addition, naturalized in CA
Current Status JFP-2, accepted name for taxon naturalized in CA
Current Status Authority Bruce G. Baldwin, Barbara Ertter, as Editors, Jepson Flora Project
Current Status Date 11 Feb 2003
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List of ICPN names in Dittrichia
List of names from ICPN, Hrusa's Crosswalk, and Jepson Flora in Dittrichia

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