Consortium of California Herbaria:
County/Bioregion Distribution Results

Distribution of Symphytum asperum

A bioregion is colored if the presence therein of the taxon in question is indicated or implied in the The Jepson Manual. Counties for which the Consortium of California Herbaria database contains a specimen record are represented by a square, which is placed approximately in the center of each such county (county lines not indicated). Note that counties are not coextensive with bioregions.

The presence of a square in an uncolored bioregion indicates a possible range extension for the taxon in question. Red squares designate counties that do not overlap at all with any of the indicated bioregions.

Click on a square to display records from the Consortium of California Herbaria for that county.

Read about bioregions

Bioregional/county map of California
Humboldt County: click for Consortium records
Sacramento County: click for Consortium records
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