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? Specimen ID Determination * Collector Collection Date Collection Number County Locality Elevation in meters Feedback
  JEPS39750  Cupressus sargentii unknown 1892-1-1 Napa Howell Mt. Comment
  JEPS46407  Arctostaphylos manzanita unknown 1896-2-23 Napa Howell Mt. Comment
  RSA397476  Cornus nuttallii Anonymous 1917-6-21 597 Napa Redwood Comment
  SEINET10778334 Image available Hesperolinon sharsmithiae Unknown 2005-6-9 O'Donnell s.n. Napa Napa County, edge of serpentine chaparral about 180 m NW of the junction of Cedar Creek and Hunting Creek, Paradise Valley, Napa County, CA. USGS Jericho Valley Quad. 270 Comment
  SEINET258288  Artemisia douglasiana Unknown 1986-9-19 10231 Napa Napa County: in the northern end of the Napa Valley, on the west side of Calistoga. 110 Comment
  SEINET258289  Artemisia douglasiana Unknown 1986-9-19 10228 Napa Napa County: In the northern end of the Napa Valley on the west side of Calistoga. 110 Comment
  SEINET3140984  Quercus agrifolia Unknown 1995-6-11 sn Napa Homestead Area of McCormick Ranch, approx. 1.1 mi N of Bald Mnt. in Sugar Loaf State Park, and roughly 7 mi W of St. Helena 549 Comment
  SEINET3144186  Quercus durata Unknown 1950-11-12 2014 -13 Napa Hwy 28, 2.2 mi (by road) W of jnct w/ Hwy 37, above Sage Creek Comment
  SEINET3477393  Acer macrophyllum Unknown 1965-8-23 7492 Napa Moskowite Corners, Moskowite Corners, 2.5 miles east, state highway 128 Comment
  SEINET3992203  Calochortus uniflorus Unknown 1957-5-5 10736 Napa Field near the hot springs at the airport, Calistoga Comment
  SEINET4170710  Iris macrosiphon Unknown 1938-4-22 2132 Napa Above Dry Creek, 2 mi W. of Yountville, Miyakma Mountains, North Coast Ranges 457 Comment
  SEINET4326871 Image available Acer macrophyllum Unknown 1967-6-26 Napa Clearly Reserves, 7.2 miles NW of Pope Valley. Comment
  SEINET9289847  Pogogyne serpylloides Unknown 1993-5-1 10972 Napa Napa Co., CA Comment
  SEINET9308544  Stachys bullata Unknown 1998-5-12 10 Napa Napa County Comment
  SEINET9313592  Clarkia purpurea Unknown 1993-5-15 10982 Napa Quail Ridge Reserve Comment
  SEINET9316274  Stachys ajugoides Unknown 2001-4-28 18 Napa Quail Ridge Reserve, SE corner of Lake Berryessa, just W of Monticello Dam, along West Road, ca. 400 feet as the crow flies NNW of jct of West Rd and South Decker Canyon Rd. Shaded north facing slope. Within dense Quercus wislizeni and Cercis occidentalis woodland. Found 2 m off of road down slope along a dry streambed. Locally abundant and associated with Toxicodendron diversilobum. Comment
  SEINET9316582  Thermopsis californica var. californica Unknown 1989-4-29 6045 Napa Lightly shaded understory of Quercus agrifolia, Umbellularia woodland on Chiles Valley Rd., approx. 2 km N of jct of Hwy 128 and Chiles Valley Rd. Comment
  SEINET9335789  Festuca roemeri Unknown 1993-5-15 10966 Napa Quail Ridge Reserve Comment
  SEINET9336427  Arctostaphylos viscida Unknown 1994-4-8 11716 Napa Occasional in serpentine chaparral, dominated by Adenostoma and Quercus durata. Approx. 1/2 mi above Aetna Springs resort. Comment
  SEINET9342757  Lepechinia calycina Unknown 1998-6-2 32 Napa Napa Co., CA Comment
  SEINET9352078  Packera clevelandii Unknown 1993-10-3 11425 Napa Moist edges of stream w/n stand of Cupressus sargentii. 2.6 mi SW along Knowville-Devilhead Rd from Knoxville-Berryessa Rd. Comment
  SEINET9364415  Clematis lasiantha Unknown 1995-4-16 Napa Napa County Comment
  SEINET9366903  Trichostema lanceolatum Unknown 1997-8-17 Napa Pope Valley Comment
  UC1023604  Vulpia microstachys var. ciliata unknown 1936-1 203 Napa Knoxville Comment
  UC114099  Agrimonia gryposepala unknown 1888-1 Napa Howell Mt. Comment
  UC125330  Mimulus congdonii unknown Napa Howell Mountain Comment
  UC141232  Centaurium trichanthum unknown Aug 1883 Napa Calistoga Comment
  UC16290  Hoita macrostachya unknown Aug 1862 1322 Napa Rag Canyon; dry creek bed Comment
  UC21512  Cornus glabrata unknown 2657 Napa Pope Valley Comment
  UC235  Pinus lambertiana unknown Napa Mt. St. Helena Comment
  UC26097  Cestrum parqui unknown 1893-1 Napa Napa City Comment
  UC338165  Lupinus bicolor unknown April 1889 Napa Calistoga Comment
  UC449669  Apocynum androsaemifolium unknown 1910-7-27 Napa near Angwin Angwin Comment
  UC5616  Quercus kelloggii unknown 1860-1 1888 Napa Mt. Helena Comment
  UC592776  Rhamnus californica subsp. californica unknown 1928-5-4 1856 Napa upper slopes of Mt. St. Helena Mt. St. Helena Comment
  UC592787  Rhamnus tomentella subsp. tomentella unknown 1928-2-25 1509 Napa 3 mi n summit of the Mt. St. Helena grade (near Lake-Napa Cos. line) Comment
  UC592788  Rhamnus tomentella subsp. crassifolia unknown 1928-2-25 1506 Napa 3 mi n summit of Mt. St. Helena Grade (near Lake-Napa Cos. line) Comment
  UC592789  Rhamnus californica subsp. californica unknown 1928-2-25 1505 Napa 2 mi n summit of the Mt. St. Helena grade to Middletown Comment
  UC75014  Salix exigua var. hindsiana unknown 1903-4-19 1996 Napa Calistoga Comment
  UCD108442  Rupertia physodes Collector unknown 1937-5-12 s.n. Napa Monticello-Napa Highway. Comment
  UCD138720  Iris fernaldii Collector Unknown 1935-5-5 s.n. Napa near Petrified Forest, Calistoga. Comment
  UCD149364  Pedicularis densiflora Collector Unknown 1940-4-7 s.n. Napa City of St. Helena. 80 Comment
  UCD51495  Arctostaphylos glandulosa Collector unknown Date Unknown Napa Comment
  UCD51496  Arctostaphylos glandulosa Collector unknown Date Unknown Napa Comment
  UCD54648  Scutellaria tuberosa Collector Unknown 2006-3-3 s.n. Napa Quail Ridge Reserve, West Ashley Rd. One-half mile northwest of Laurel Creek. 208 Comment
  UCD54649  Tonella tenella Collector Unknown 2006-5-5 s.n. Napa Quail Ridge Reserve, West Ashley Rd. One-half mile northwest of Laurel Creek. 208 Comment
  UCD58878  Bromus laevipes Collector unknown 1941-6-1 Napa Road from Napa to Locoya. Comment
  UCD65832  Festuca californica Collector unknown 1941-6-1 Napa Road from Napa to Locoya. Comment
  UCD66656  Lolium temulentum Collector Unknown 1941-6-1 Napa Mt. St. Helena. Comment
  UCD87300  Melica geyeri Collector Unknown 1928-4-15 s.n. Napa Blake College -- east of Pacific Union College. Comment
  UCD91435  Polypogon viridis Collector Unknown 1941-6-1 s.n. Napa Road from Napa to Locoya. Comment
  CDA32499  Melica geyeri Unknown 1928-3-15 s.n. Napa Blake Estate, east of Pacific Union College. 0 Comment
  RSA365070  Cyperus eragrostis Anonymous 1924-07 s.n. Napa Near St. Helena Comment
  RSA90500  Chenopodium californicum Anonymous 1936-04 8179 Napa A mile or so north of Knoxville. Comment
  SEINET10897195  Deschampsia danthonioides Unknown 1854-1 Anonymous s.n. Napa Comment
  SEINET11340614  Pellaea andromedifolia Unknown 1992-12-11 7453 Napa St. Helena Comment
  SEINET11424613  Poa napensis Unknown 1967-1 Napa Calistoga [N of] Comment
  SEINET11695741  Nassella lepida Unknown 1956-5-25 3481 Napa Howell Mountains, above SW corner of Wooden Valley Comment
  SEINET11695842  Vulpia microstachys var. ciliata Unknown 1957-4-22 3943 Napa N of Capell Valle, Highway 128, along Capell Creek Comment
  SEINET11695843  Deschampsia cespitosa Unknown 1957-5-8 4000 Napa N end of Capell Valley, above Capell Creek Comment
  SEINET11736712  Torreya californica Unknown 1944-1 s.n. Napa no further locality Comment
  SEINET11737237  Pinus attenuata Unknown 1944-1 s.n. Napa Calastoga Comment
  SEINET11977791  Arctostaphylos manzanita Unknown 1852-1 452 Napa no further locality Comment
  SEINET11984813  Arctostaphylos viscida Unknown 1966-1 681 Napa property W of Macdonald Ranch, Las Posadas State Forest Comment
  SEINET11984892  Arctostaphylos Unknown 1966-1 680 Napa property W of Macdonald Ranch, Las Posadas State Forest Comment
  SEINET11984941  Arctostaphylos stanfordiana Unknown 1966-1 679 Napa property W of Macdonald Ranch, Las Posadas State Forest Comment
  SEINET11993676  Arbutus menziesii Unknown 1852-1 452 Napa no further locality Comment
  SEINET11998400  Streptanthus hesperidis Unknown 1986-1 60213 Napa near Middletown, ca 2 mi N on CA 29 305 Comment
  SEINET12029179  Quercus dumosa Unknown 1941-1 127 Napa west bank of Putah Creek immediately above junction with Butts Creek Comment
  SEINET12029187  Quercus dumosa Unknown 1941-1 126 Napa west bank of Putah Creek immediately above junction with Butts Creek Comment
  SEINET12034184  Quercus agrifolia Unknown 1942-1 s.n. Napa Calistoga Comment
  SEINET12034303  Quercus chrysolepis Unknown 1942-1 s.n. Napa Calistoqo Comment
  SEINET12045034  Dichelostemma capitatum Unknown 1972-1 14 Napa N shore of Lake Berryessa about 5 m above Monticella Dam, South Coast Range 274 Comment
  SEINET12350537  Navarretia pubescens Unknown 1959-5-26 5258 Napa Vaca Mountains, Marley Canyon, along State highway 128 Comment
  SEINET13260501  Pellaea ornithopus Unknown 1934-1 8671 Napa Sarco Creek, 5 mi above Napa Comment
  SEINET3140220  Quercus chasei Unknown 1994-10-29 sn Napa Mt. George, north-ne. side ca. 400m Comment
  SEINET3824804 Image available Delphinium uliginosum Unknown 1982-6-1 s.n. Napa 9.9 miles south of Middletown Lake or Napa county Comment
  SEINET3991301  Trillium chloropetalum Unknown 1950-4-15 1734 Napa Shaded canyon in chaparell, Monticello Road (Wooden Valley "illegible word") above Napa 305 Comment
  SEINET4169985  Calochortus pulchellus Unknown 1952-4-20 71 Napa Samuel Springs, 7 mi N. W. of Monticello Comment
  SEINET4170694  Iris fernaldii Unknown 1966-5-7 Napa St. Hwy 128, 15 mi. NW of Rutherford. 152 Comment
  SEINET4170695  Iris fernaldii Unknown 1969-5-24 Napa End of Capell Valley W. of Lake Berryessa. 198 Comment
  SEINET4171053  Sisyrinchium bellum Unknown 1963-4-27 Napa State Hwy 128, .5 mile S. of Lake Berryessa. 396 Comment
  SEINET4171055  Sisyrinchium bellum Unknown 1967-5-1 Napa 13.4 miles W. of Winters on State Hwy 128 137 Comment
  SEINET4678009  Erythranthe nasuta Unknown 1961-4-29 35 Napa Wragg Canyon, 1/4 mile north of State Highway 128.; 0 152 Comment
  SEINET5010498  Allocarya stricta Unknown 1892-1 Napa Comment
  SEINET5173499  Lagophylla minor Unknown 1933-5-29 2338 Napa Bridge over Pope Creek, just S of Walters Spring Comment
  SEINET6044076  Polycarpon tetraphyllum Unknown 1943-6-20 18242 Napa Hills west of Napa Valley between St. Helena and Mt. St. John. Comment
  SEINET6165242 Image available Brodiaea laxa Unknown 1981-6-22 s.n. Napa 9.9 miles S. of Middleton, down Butts Canyon Rd. Comment
  SEINET6165491 Image available Rhododendron occidentale Unknown 1981-5-18 s.n. Napa 9.9 mi S of middleton, down Butts Canyon Rd. Comment
  SEINET6409377 Image available Arctostaphylos densiflora Unknown 1983-5-26 s.n. Napa S. Summit of Mt. St. Helena Comment
  SEINET7718946  Clarkia rhomboidea Unknown Napa Napa Comment
  SEINET7727709  Woodwardia radicans Unknown 1881-1 Napa Calistoga Comment
  SEINET7727710  Woodwardia radicans Unknown 1881-1 Napa Calistoga Comment
  SEINET7883499 Image available Lomatium repostum Unknown 1946-1 3048 Napa Southeast slope of Mount Saint Helena near the old inn Comment
  SEINET9288140  Gilia tricolor Unknown 1933-4-2 97 Napa Napa County Comment
  SEINET9288615  Hemizonia congesta Unknown 1988-9-4 5701 Napa On S facing serpentine slope. Butts Canon, 10 mi SE of Middletown Open, dry, full sun Comment
  SEINET9291159  Schoenoplectus fluviatilis Unknown 1995-4-10 12061 Napa Napa Comment
  SEINET9291828  Eriophyllum lanatum Unknown 1984-4-28 7 Napa State. Rd 29, about 5 miles NM of Calistoga. Along roadside. Foothill woodland, Quercus sp. and Umbellelaria californica dominants. Perennial herb. 1-8 dm tall. flowers yellow. Rocky, greavelly soil of baaltic parent material UC Davis Herbarium Comment
  SEINET9298758  Garrya flavescens Unknown 1997-2-3 13617 Napa Serpentine margin of Lake Hennessey, across from 2nd major canyon upstream from Conn Dam ~1/2 mi. Shrub, 6 ft. Comment
  SEINET9312801  Limnanthes Unknown 1967-4-1 48407 Napa Napa Comment
  SEINET9315403  Quercus dumosa Unknown 1939-4-16 39068 Napa 3 mi NE of Napa. Open rocky hills. Comment
  SEINET9326859  Agrostis hallii Unknown 1957-6-4 4109 Napa Napa Comment
  SEINET9328438  Baccharis salicina Unknown 1995-4-10 12055 Napa Napa Comment
  SEINET9330248  Cornus glabrata Unknown 1954-5-20 1920 Napa 3 mi E of Rutherford, along hwy 128, Sage Canyon, Conn Creek. Growing under valley oak. Comment
  SEINET9330677  Vicia villosa Unknown 1996-3-1 29 Napa On NE side of Knoxville Road on SW side of Lake Bereyessa. Disturbed, roadside area, full sun, little moisture, dominant species Vicia villosa. Comment
  SEINET9331061  Rupertia physodes Unknown 1953-5-19 1301 Napa Dense stand under oaks, along Hwy 128 about 9 mi E of Rutherford. Comment
  SEINET9333270  Lessingia ramulosa Unknown 1961-8-14 5968 Napa Northern end of Capell Valley, along State Highway 128, above Capell Creek. Diffuse annual growing in serpentine chaparral. Comment
  SEINET9340520  Solidago californica Unknown 1993-10-3 11424 Napa Dry bottom of wash w/n Quercus druata/Cupressus macnabiana chaparral. 2.1 m SW along Knoxville-Devilhead Rd. from Knoxville-Berryessa Rd. Comment
  SEINET9351968  Nemophila menziesii var. atomaria Unknown 1933-4-2 91 Napa Napa Co., CA Comment
  SEINET9352740  Stachys albens Unknown 1976-8-8 13 Napa Napa County Comment
  SEINET9353890  Claytonia perfoliata Unknown 1977-4-16 7 Napa Napa County Comment
  SEINET9358379  Eleocharis palustris Unknown 1935-6-4 35199 Napa Napa Comment
  SEINET9358474  Agrostis pallens Unknown 2007-5-30 Napa Brend-Morgan property, ca. 3 mi NE of city of Napa. Gentle sw-facing slope, open chaparral, dry habitat on rocky, volcanic soil. Assoc. species: Heteromeles arbutifolia, Arctostaphylos manzanita, A. glandulosa, Mimulus aurantiacus, Adenostoma fascicularis, Baccharis pilularis, Ceanothus foliosus, and C. purpureus. Comment
  SEINET9361734  Bromus Unknown 1961-6-12 5902 Napa Napa Comment
  SEINET9366161  Festuca idahoensis Unknown 1965-5-13 7328 Napa Napa county, S end of Chiles Valley on Hwy 128. Open serpentine slopes. Comment
  SEINET9367953  Stachys ajugoides var. ajugoides Unknown 1995-9-12 12461 Napa Napa County Comment
  UC15381  Lathyrus vestitus var. vestitus unknown 1895-4-24 Napa e of St. Helena Comment
  UC333348  Dichelostemma capitatum unknown 1889-4-28 Napa above Calistoga Comment
  UC336701  Heterotheca oregona var. rudis unknown Napa Calistoga Eel River Comment
  UC429263  Trillium albidum unknown Apr. 1897 554 S Napa woods near Napa City Napa City Comment
  UC6634  Polygonum punctatum unknown 1892-10-22 Napa St. Helena Napa River (river bed) Comment
  UCD102717  Lithophragma heterophyllum Collector unknown 1931-4-19 s.n. Napa Calistoga. Comment
  UCD109266  Lupinus nanus Collector Unknown Date Unknown s.n. Napa Exact location unknown. Comment
  UCD109267  Lupinus nanus Collector Unknown 1925-4-15 1741 Napa Davis. Comment
  UCD119154  Cynoglossum grande Collector unknown Date unknown s.n. Napa location unknown. Comment
  UCD136988  Wyethia glabra Collector Unknown 1933-4-14 s.n. Napa near Petrified Forest, Calistoga. Comment

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