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? Specimen ID Determination * Collector Collection Date Collection Number County Locality Elevation in meters Feedback
  A30945  Salix coulteri T. Coulter 655 Unknown Comment
  GH10011  Malacothrix coulteri T. Coulter 252 Unknown Comment
  GH10916  Pectis coulteri T. Coulter 330 Unknown Comment
  GH11080  Perityle leptoglossa T. Coulter 277 Unknown Comment
  GH14292  Perityle acmella T. Coulter 278 Unknown Comment
  GH19360  Lyrocarpa coulteri T. Coulter Unknown Comment
  GH222548  Carex douglasii var. brunnea T. Coulter 805 Unknown Comment
  GH22610  Helenium thurberi T. Coulter 359 Unknown Comment
  GH22822  Mimulus glutinosus var. brachypus T. Coulter 639 Unknown Comment
  GH241341  Toxicodendron diversilobum T. Coulter 126 Unknown Comment
  GH2436  Baileya multiradiata T. Coulter 326 Unknown Comment
  GH2440  Baileya pauciradiata T. Coulter 312 Unknown Comment
  GH2441  Baileya pleniradiata T. Coulter 312 Unknown Comment
  GH245594  Trifolium albopurpureum T. Coulter 417 Unknown Comment
  GH260913  Malvastrum coulteri T. Coulter 96 Unknown Comment
  GH267043  Solanum umbelliferum T. Coulter 590 Unknown Comment
  GH267259  Loeseliastrum schottii T. Coulter 449 Unknown Comment
  GH267289  Frasera parryi T. Coulter 558 Unknown Comment
  GH274836  Layia heterotricha T. Coulter 320 Unknown Comment
  GH283089  Ambrosia confertiflora T. Coulter 259 Unknown Comment
  GH283125  Lessingia glandulifera var. pectinata T. Coulter 291 Unknown Comment
  GH306798  Geraea canescens T. Coulter 304 Unknown Calif. Comment
  GH30925  Salix capreoides T. Coulter 656 Unknown Comment
  GH30946  Salix coulteri T. Coulter 655 Unknown Comment
  GH341005  Hilaria rigida T. Coulter 752 Unknown California. Comment
  GH341039  Aristida adscensionis T. Coulter 768 Unknown California Comment
  GH341875  Vulpia microstachys var. pauciflora T. Coulter 762 Unknown Comment
  GH343132  Quercus lobata T. Coulter 660 Unknown Comment
  GH344519  Quercus dumosa T. Coulter Unknown California Comment
  GH344520  Quercus dumosa T. Coulter 661 Unknown California Comment
  GH345397  Adenostoma fasciculatum T. Coulter Unknown California Comment
  GH345904  Rosa californica T. Coulter 134 Unknown California Comment
  GH346254  Rubus ursinus T. Coulter 166 Unknown Comment
  GH346318  Rubus ursinus T. Coulter 143 Unknown Comment
  GH347143  Rhus ovata T. Coulter 550 Unknown Comment
  GH347304  Toxicodendron diversilobum T. Coulter 129 Unknown Comment
  GH349168  Ceanothus cuneatus T. Coulter 110 Unknown Comment
  GH349897  Ceanothus oliganthus T. Coulter 122 Unknown Comment
  GH350453  Arctostaphylos hookeri T. Coulter 243 Unknown Comment
  GH355665  Distichlis spicata var. nana T. Coulter 779 Unknown California. Comment
  GH355751  Leptochloa fusca subsp. uninervia T. Coulter 776 Unknown California Comment
  GH355850  Muhlenbergia microsperma T. Coulter 761 Unknown California Comment
  GH357302  Calochortus catalinae T. Coulter 732 Unknown California Comment
  GH357417  Fritillaria liliacea T. Coulter 739 x Unknown California Comment
  GH357596  Fritillaria biflora T. Coulter 738 Unknown California Comment
  GH357601  Fritillaria biflora T. Coulter 737 Unknown California Comment
  GH357724  Iris longipetala T. Coulter 744 Unknown California Comment
  GH360155  Hierochloe occidentalis T. Coulter 786 Unknown Comment
  GH360266  Melica californica T. Coulter 781 Unknown Comment
  GH360377  Melica imperfecta T. Coulter 780 Unknown Comment
  GH360496  Phalaris californica T. Coulter 754 Unknown Comment
  GH360669  Poa bolanderi T. Coulter 783 Unknown Comment
  GH360701  Poa douglasii T. Coulter 753 Unknown Comment
  GH360706  Poa douglasii T. Coulter 753 Unknown Comment
  GH360892  Poa secunda T. Coulter 782 Unknown Comment
  GH361739  Bromus carinatus T. Coulter 764 Unknown Comment
  GH361757  Bromus carinatus T. Coulter 766 Unknown Comment
  GH362268  Arctostaphylos tomentosa T. Coulter 242 Unknown Comment
  GH362269  Arctostaphylos tomentosa T. Coulter 241 Unknown Comment
  GH363214  Vaccinium ovatum T. Coulter 245 Unknown Comment
  GH363371  Heuchera pilosissima T. Coulter 182 Unknown Comment
  GH363551  Acer macrophyllum T. Coulter 93 Unknown Comment
  GH363638  Acer negundo var. californicum T. Coulter 704 Unknown Comment
  GH363841  Lithophragma heterophyllum T. Coulter 186 Unknown Comment
  GH365089  Elymus multisetus T. Coulter 750 Unknown Comment
  GH365196  Hordeum depressum T. Coulter 756 Unknown Comment
  GH365623  Collinsia parryi T. Coulter 597 Unknown Comment
  GH365676  Keckiella antirrhinoides T. Coulter 633 Unknown Comment
  GH365936  Mimulus aurantiacus T. Coulter 641 Unknown Comment
  GH366199  Amorpha californica T. Coulter 399 Unknown Comment
  GH366709  Lupinus albifrons T. Coulter 396 Unknown Comment
  GH366755  Lupinus arboreus T. Coulter 380 Unknown Comment
  GH367577  Camissonia cheiranthifolia T. Coulter 153 Unknown Comment
  GH367742  Epilobium canum T. Coulter 181 Unknown Comment
  GH369017  Lupinus excubitus var. hallii T. Coulter 394 Unknown Comment
  GH369018  Lupinus excubitus var. hallii T. Coulter 396 Unknown Comment
  GH376103  Armeria maritima subsp. californica T. Coulter 577 Unknown Comment
  GH376189  Frankenia salina T. Coulter 150 Unknown Comment
  GH380021  Ribes californicum T. Coulter 233 Unknown Comment
  GH381146  Saxifraga californica T. Coulter 186 Unknown Comment
  GH381277  Umbellularia californica T. Coulter 709 Unknown Comment
  GH381286  Umbellularia californica T. Coulter 708 Unknown Comment
  GH383524  Salix lasiolepis T. Coulter 657 Unknown Comment
  GH384759  Chilopsis linearis subsp. arcuata T. Coulter 634 Unknown Comment
  GH385233  Linanthus grandiflorus T. Coulter 455 Unknown San Miguel to Santa Barbara Comment
  GH385687  Galium angustifolium T. Coulter 197 Unknown Comment
  GH385808  Galium californicum T. Coulter 196 Unknown Comment
  GH386321  Symphoricarpos mollis T. Coulter 202 Unknown Comment
  GH387063  Corethrogyne filaginifolia T. Coulter 273 Unknown Comment
  GH387137  Corethrogyne filaginifolia T. Coulter 267 Unknown Comment
  GH387138  Corethrogyne filaginifolia T. Coulter 268 Unknown Comment
  GH400232  Lepechinia calycina T. Coulter 525 Unknown Comment
  GH400655  Monardella undulata subsp. crispa T. Coulter 536 Unknown Comment
  GH401140  Fraxinus dipetala T. Coulter 563 Unknown Comment
  GH401364  Alnus rhombifolia T. Coulter 649 Unknown Comment
  GH401475  Corylus cornuta subsp. californica T. Coulter 649 Unknown Comment
  GH401725  Garrya elliptica T. Coulter 647 Unknown Comment
  GH402193  Stachys bullata T. Coulter 531 Unknown Comment
  GH402432  Trichostema lanceolatum T. Coulter 528 Unknown Comment
  GH402703  Solanum wallacei T. Coulter 586 Unknown Comment
  GH402820  Eriodictyon crassifolium T. Coulter 601 Unknown Comment
  GH403231  Salvia apiana T. Coulter 532 Unknown Comment
  GH403278  Salvia gossypina T. Coulter 539 Unknown Comment
  GH403293  Salvia columbariae T. Coulter 538 Unknown Comment
  GH403371  Salvia leucophylla T. Coulter 540 Unknown Comment
  GH403454  Salvia mellifera T. Coulter 535 Unknown Comment
  GH403510  Salvia spathacea T. Coulter 526 Unknown Comment
  GH414449  Encelia farinosa T. Coulter 327 Unknown Comment
  GH414573  Hemizonia parryi subsp. australis T. Coulter 290 Unknown Comment
  GH415204  Luzula subsessilis T. Coulter 811 Unknown Comment
  GH415266  Zeltnera venusta T. Coulter 562 Unknown Comment
  GH415552  Coreopsis gigantea T. Coulter 316 Unknown San Miguel to San Barbara Comment
  GH415662  Tessaria borealis T. Coulter 280 Unknown Comment
  GH417118  Galium aparine subsp. spurium T. Coulter 195 Unknown Borax Lake Comment
  GH420105  Plagiobothrys chorisianus T. Coulter 519 Unknown Comment
  GH422108  Streptanthus glandulosus T. Coulter 41 Unknown Comment
  GH424295  Lomatium parvifolium T. Coulter 222 Unknown Comment
  GH424669  Amsinckia douglasiana T. Coulter 504 Unknown Comment
  GH425228  Ceanothus rigidus T. Coulter 125 Unknown Comment
  GH425494  Ceanothus thyrsiflorus var. griseus T. Coulter 124 Unknown Comment
  GH425913  Frangula californica T. Coulter 117 Unknown Comment
  GH427278  Palafoxia arida var. gigantea T. Coulter 367 [?] Unknown Comment
  GH427771  Senecio flaccidus var. douglasii T. Coulter 333 Unknown Monterey to S. Gabriel Comment
  GH4337  Brickellia coulteri T. Coulter 293 Unknown Comment
  GH443365  Calochortus catalinae T. Coulter 733 Unknown Comment
  GH4589  Romneya coulteri T. Coulter Unknown Comment
  GH4662  Chaenactis artemisiifolia T. Coulter 313 Unknown Comment
  GH518245  Hypolepis californica T. Coulter 820 Unknown [Santa Barbara] Comment
  GH521989  Nama coulteri T. Coulter 463 Unknown Comment
  GH53604  Dalea mollis T. Coulter 1832-1-1 430 Unknown Comment
  GH549314  Diplacus fremontii T. Coulter 631 Unknown Comment
  GH549472  Mimulus aurantiacus var. pubescens T. Coulter 638 Unknown Comment
  GH549505  Diplacus douglasii T. Coulter 636 Unknown Comment
  GH589078  Mirabilis laevis var. crassifolia T. Coulter 600 Unknown Comment
  GH6095  Conyza coulteri T. Coulter 285 , 286 Unknown Comment
  GH61150  Caulanthus coulteri J. M. Coulter 1869-1-1 Unknown Comment
  GH65559  Lupinus leptophyllus T. Coulter 370 Unknown Monterey to San Miguel Comment
  GH65672  Lupinus sparsiflorus T. Coulter Unknown Comment
  GH7094  Eupatorium sagittatum T. Coulter 294 Unknown Comment
  GH72252  Erythraea venusta T. Coulter 561 Unknown Comment
  GH77900  Antirrhinum coulterianum T. Coulter 607 Unknown Comment
  GH77907  Antirrhinum nuttallianum T. Coulter 599 Unknown Comment
  GH78872  Gilia floribunda T. Coulter 454 Unknown Coulter 454 between this [Fort Whipple, Arizona] and the [?] mountains Comment
  GH8699  Haplopappus sphaerocephalus T. Coulter 281 Unknown Comment
  GH8768  Helenium laciniatum T. Coulter 358 Unknown Comment
  GH8769  Helenium laciniatum T. Coulter 356 Unknown Comment
  GH91228  Penstemon corymbosus T. Coulter 629 Unknown Comment
  GH93746  Berginia virgata T. Coulter 603 Unknown Comment
  GH94013  Amsinckia microcarpa T. Coulter 497 Unknown Comment
  GH9588  Lasthenia glabrata var. coulteri T. Coulter 338 Unknown Comment
  GH9637  Leptosyne douglasii T. Coulter 339 Unknown Comment
  NY1104591  Calochortus T. Coulter 733 Unknown Comment
  NY15825  Lupinus concinnus T. Coulter s.n. Unknown Comment
  NY162450  Baileya pauciradiata T. Coulter s.n. Unknown Comment
  NY162829  Burrielia microglossa T. Coulter s.n. Unknown Comment
  NY167627  Coniothele californica T. Coulter s.n. Unknown Comment
  NY214439  Sanicula arctopoides T. Coulter s.n. Unknown Comment
  NY230831  Osmadenia tenella T. Coulter s.n. Unknown Comment
  NY233552  Camissonia graciliflora T. Coulter s.n. Unknown Comment
  NY23503  Caulanthus coulteri J. M. Coulter s.n. Unknown Comment
  NY334937  Amsinckia microcarpa T. Coulter s.n. Unknown Comment
  NY33715  Trifolium fucatum J. M. Coulter s.n. Unknown Comment
  NY337739  Negundo californicum T. Coulter 704 Unknown Comment
  NY547997  Cynoglossum penicillatum T. Coulter s.n. Unknown Comment
  NY64520  Sequoia sempervirens J. M. Coulter 1877-1 s.n. Unknown Santa Cruz Mountains Comment
  NY679443  Abronia umbellata T. Coulter 578 Unknown Comment
  NY76576  Lepidium oxycarpum T. Coulter s.n. Unknown Comment
  NY76580  Lepidium oxycarpum T. Coulter s.n. Unknown Comment
  NY76581  Lepidium oxycarpum T. Coulter s.n. Unknown Comment
  NY790300  Keckiella corymbosa T. Coulter 629 Unknown Comment
  NY90880  Pedicularis attenuata T. Coulter s.n. Unknown Comment
  NY91053  Penstemon corymbosus T. Coulter 629 Unknown Comment
  RSA201381  Cirsium coulteri Coulter 367 Unknown [Unspecified] Comment
  SD175181  Acmispon glaber D. Coulter L 321 Unknown Photograph of specimen only; British Museum, reg. 4A; Kew ref. # H 449/65/25 Comment
  SEINET12886726 Image available Salix petrophila J. M. Coulter 1932-1 8 Unknown Comment
  SEINET13289877 Image available Sequoia sempervirens J. M. Coulter 1877-1 Unknown Santa Cruz Mountains Comment
  SEINET8147884 Image available Marrubium vulgare J. M. Coulter 1884-1 Unknown Comment
  SEINET8161113 Image available Salix lasiandra J. M. Coulter 1873-1 Unknown Comment
  UC170316  Lupinus rivularis Dr. Coulter 380 Unknown Monterey to San Gabriel; Monterey to San Gabriel Comment
  UC1713700  Leptodactylon californicum Dr. Coulter 481 Unknown Comment
  UC525524  Keckiella corymbosa Coulter 629 Unknown Comment
  UC693878  Lupinus sparsiflorus Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973556  Sanicula arctopoides Dr. Coulter Unknown California Comment
  UC973557  Nemophila menziesii Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973558  Phacelia distans Dr. Coulter 483 bis Unknown Comment
  UC973605  Hornungia procumbens Dr. Coulter Unknown California Comment
  UC973606  Thysanocarpus laciniatus Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973607  Ribes sanguineum var. glutinosum Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973608  Ribes malvaceum Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973609  Ribes speciosum Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973610  Dodecatheon hendersonii Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973611  Armeria maritima subsp. californica Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973612  Garrya elliptica Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973613  Calandrinia ciliata Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973614  Stylomecon heterophylla Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973615  Hesperomecon linearis Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973616  Platystemon californicus Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973617  Dendromecon rigida Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973619  Rhamnus crocea Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973620  Ceanothus verrucosus Dr. Coulter Unknown California Comment
  UC973621  Trillium chloropetalum Dr. Coulter Unknown California Comment
  UC973622  Triphysaria pusilla Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973623  Triphysaria eriantha subsp. eriantha Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973624  Collinsia sparsiflora var. collina Dr. Coulter 604 Unknown Comment
  UC973625  Collinsia heterophylla Dr. Coulter Unknown California Comment
  UC973626  Mimulus douglasii Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973627  Pedicularis densiflora Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973628  Trifolium fucatum Dr. Coulter Unknown California Comment
  UC973661  Nemophila menziesii var. integrifolia Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973662  Pholistoma auritum Dr. Coulter Unknown California Comment
  UC973747  Gaultheria shallon Dr. Coulter Unknown California Comment
  UC973798  Ribes divaricatum var. pubiflorum Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973799  Ribes aureum Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973800  Acer negundo var. californicum Dr. Coulter 706 Unknown Comment
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  UC973801  Luzula comosa Dr. Coulter 811 Unknown Comment
  UC973802  Blennosperma nanum var. nanum Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973803  Lupinus latifolius Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973804  Lupinus concinnus Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973805  Lupinus Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973806  Lupinus nanus Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973807  Phlox gracilis Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973808  Linanthus Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973809  Linanthus dianthiflorus Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973811  Anagallis arvensis Dr. Coulter Unknown California Comment
  UC973812  Linanthus parviflorus Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973814  Sagina Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973815  Minuartia californica Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973816  Paeonia californica Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973817  Ranunculus hebecarpus Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973818  Arctostaphylos tomentosa subsp. crinita Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973819  Vaccinium ovatum Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973820  Solanum umbelliferum Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973821  Viola pedunculata Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973822  Tropidocarpum gracile Dr. Coulter Unknown California Comment
  UC973823  Caulanthus Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973824  Streptanthus glandulosus subsp. glandulosus Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973827  Viola douglasii Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973828  Athysanus pusillus Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UC973829  Thysanocarpus curvipes Dr. Coulter Unknown Comment
  UCD45249  Quercus berberidifolia Coulter Date Unknown 661 Unknown Photograph of type of Q. berberidifolia Liebm. Basionym: Q. berberidifolia Liebm. Citation: Overs. Dansk. Vidensk. Selsk. Forhandl. p. 172. 1854. Herbarium K. Type: holotype. Locality: California. Date: none given. Comment

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