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? Specimen ID Determination * Collector Collection Date Collection Number County Locality Elevation in meters Feedback
  CHSC1927  Nicotiana obtusifolia V. Holt 1942-3-23 Inyo Daylight road, Death Valley. Comment
  GMDRC2137  Nicotiana obtusifolia J. Andre, T. La Doux 2006-3-31 7574 Inyo Resting Spring Range: Resting Spring Range: growing on E-facing slopes of Resting Spring Range, just W. of Hwy 178 in Chicago Valley approx. 6 mi. E of Shoshone. Elev. 2102 ft. 641 Comment
  HSC21286  Nicotiana obtusifolia C. L. Hitchcock, C. V. Muhlick 1964-3-25 23312 Inyo E side of Death Valley, opposite Midway Well Comment
  HSC21289  Nicotiana obtusifolia D. E. Anderson 1962-4-16 2050 Inyo Death Valley National Monument, Hole-in-the-rock Springs. 762 Comment
  HSC93442  Nicotiana obtusifolia Scott D. White, S. Ogg 1995-5-19 3178 Inyo Pleasant Canyon at Clair Camp (ghost town) 1402 Comment
  JEPS101205  Nicotiana obtusifolia Dean W. Taylor 1978-4-27 7011 Inyo Inyo Mountains, west slope in steep canyon 0.5 mile N from Mule Spring 1524 Comment
  JEPS12233  Nicotiana obtusifolia W. L. Jepson 1917-4-30 6884 Inyo near Texas Spring; Death Valley, Funeral Mountains 60 Comment
  JEPS12237  Nicotiana obtusifolia W. L. Jepson 1940-4-21 19625 Inyo Shadscale Spring; Panamint Mountains, Johnson Canyon 1219 Comment
  POM220796  Nicotiana obtusifolia Harold Bailey, Wm. Robison 1930-4-18 s.n. Inyo Great Falls Canyon. Comment
  POM255190  Nicotiana obtusifolia Philip A. Munz 1940-4-9 16473 Inyo Bradbury Well, South end of Death Valley 61 Comment
  POM283655  Nicotiana obtusifolia Lyman D. Benson 1937-4-24 8231 Inyo Funeral Mountains. Highway summit East of Furnace Creek. Death Valley watershed. 1067 Comment
  POM69871  Nicotiana obtusifolia Marcus E. Jones 1907-4-10 s.n. Inyo Funeral Mountains, Death Valley. 1220 Comment
  RSA0115423  Nicotiana obtusifolia Jim M. Andre, T. La Doux 2016-3-18 34341 Inyo Grapevine Mountains: Death Valley National Park; along Titus Cyn Rd, 1.8 mi. west of Leadfield. 1012 Comment
  RSA217230  Nicotiana obtusifolia D. E. Breedlove 1970-3-28 17265 Inyo Darwin wash 10 road miles below Darwin. Argus Range. Comment
  RSA241940  Nicotiana obtusifolia Larry E. DeBuhr, Gary D. Wallace 1973-3-17 853 Inyo Death Valley National Monument; floor of Titus Canyon a few hundred feet from canyon mouth. Comment
  RSA29254  Nicotiana obtusifolia Allan Keller 1938-10-15 2 Inyo Near head of Telegraph Canyon, Argus Mts. 1220 Comment
  RSA314559  Nicotiana obtusifolia Robert F. Thorne, Walter Wisura, B. Busenberg, R. K. Benjamin 1983-5-6 55528 Inyo Funeral Mountains: Rocky slopes along wash at upper end of Red Ampitheater 951 Comment
  RSA426721  Nicotiana obtusifolia Christopher Davidson, Alan Romspert 1979-5-16 7924 Inyo Panamint Mts. Johnson Canyon. Vicinity of lower spring at the end of the road. 20 miles SW of Badwater. 1189 Comment
  RSA426722  Nicotiana obtusifolia Hutchinson 1928-3-1 s.n. Inyo Death Valley. Comment
  RSA426725  Nicotiana obtusifolia W. Hutchinson 1928-04 s.n. Inyo Death Valley. Comment
  RSA426727  Nicotiana obtusifolia Christopher Davidson 1976-5-22 4025 Inyo Last Chance Mountains, directly east of Eureka Dune, south end of Eureka Valley. 915 Comment
  RSA565774  Nicotiana obtusifolia Steve D. Boyd, Tim S. Ross, Walter Appleby 1993-3-18 7757 Inyo Resting Spring Range, 4 miles east of Shoshone, upper bajada and lower slopes along western side of range, 1.1 miles SE of Highway 178. 600 Comment
  RSA621776  Nicotiana obtusifolia Mary DeDecker 1958-3-23 820 Inyo Grapevine Mountains: Titus Canyon. 457 Comment
  RSA737760  Nicotiana obtusifolia LeRoy Gross, Steve D. Boyd 2008-4-10 3170 Inyo Northwest area of Eagle Mountain, east of Highway 127. Collections around the Amargosa river, southern portions of the alkali flat, to steep slopes of the northern portions of Eagle Mountain., Parked jeep near 36.23651N, 116.37995W southeast to 36.22727N, 116.36935. 598 Comment
  SBBG17172  Nicotiana obtusifolia K. A. Wilson 1961-3-29 1099 Inyo Trail Cyn Rd Comment
  SBBG70576  Nicotiana obtusifolia R. Hoffmann 1930-4-26 Inyo Darwin Falls 792 Comment
  SBBG70579  Nicotiana obtusifolia Mark Kerr 1937-5-2 Inyo near Hall Cyn 548 Comment
  SBBG70580  Nicotiana obtusifolia R. Hoffmann 1931-8-26 Inyo Darwin Wash 1127 Comment
  SD26366  Nicotiana obtusifolia Allan Keller 1938-10-15 2 Inyo Argus Mountains, near head of Telegraph Canyon 1220 Comment
  SJSU3652  Nicotiana obtusifolia C. W. Sharsmith 1963-4-8 6946 Inyo Grapevine Springs, W slope Grapevine Mts, Death Valley drainage 731 Comment
  UC1004899  Nicotiana obtusifolia P. A. Munz 1940-4-9 16473 Inyo s end Death Valley; Bradbury Well 60 Comment
  UC103888  Nicotiana obtusifolia C. A. Purpus Jun 1897 5317 Inyo Argus Mountains Comment
  UC1184164  Nicotiana obtusifolia Roxana S. Ferris 1961-3-13 13493 Inyo ca 0.5 mi from Johnson Canyon mouth; Death Valley National Monument, Panamint Mountains Comment
  UC127505  Nicotiana obtusifolia H. M. Hall and H. P. Chandler 1906-5-10 6948 Inyo Pleasant Canyon; Panamint Mts. 2286 Comment
  UC1292304  Nicotiana obtusifolia C. L. Hitchcock and C. V. Muhlick 1964-3-25 23312 Inyo opposite Midway Well (e side of Death Valley); Death Valley Comment
  UC140166  Nicotiana obtusifolia C. A. Purpus 1898-5 5762 Inyo Argus Mts. 1219 Comment
  UC440358  Nicotiana obtusifolia Harold Bailey and Wm. Robison 1930-4-18 Inyo Great Falls Canyon; Mohave Desert, Argus Mountains Comment
  UC575067  Nicotiana obtusifolia C. Epling, Wm. Robison, and A. L. Haines 1935-4-20 Inyo Hole-in-the-Rock Spring; Death Valley Comment
  UC693715  Nicotiana obtusifolia Annie M. Alexander and Louise Kellogg 1942-4-15 2660 Inyo Surprise Canyon; Panamint Mountains 792 Comment
  UC754327  Nicotiana obtusifolia Ira L. Wiggins 1947-3-26 11564 Inyo Titanothere Canyon Death Valley National Monument, Grapevine Mountains (e side of Death Valley) Comment
  UC884673  Nicotiana obtusifolia C. L. Hitchcock 1940-4-30 6249 Inyo 4 mi w Lone Pine Comment
  UCD126752  Nicotiana obtusifolia Kenneth A. Wilson 1961-3-29 1099 Inyo Death Valley National Monument, Trail Canyon Road. Comment
  UCR183300  Nicotiana obtusifolia Jim Andre, T. La Doux 2006-3-31 7574 Inyo Northern Mojave Desert, Resting Spring Range, just west of Hwy 178 in Chicago Valley c. 6 mi east of Shoshone 641 Comment
  UCR235233  Nicotiana obtusifolia Jim Andre 2011-4-16 17610 Inyo Owens Valley, base of Inyo Mountains at Manzanar Reward mine area, 5.6 mi east of Hwy 395 1165 Comment
  UCR40243  Nicotiana obtusifolia K. H. Berry 1965-3-20 117 Inyo Northern Mojave Desert, 8 mi east of the entrance to Death Valley National Monument on State Hwy 190, the road to Death Valley Junction 854 Comment
  UCR89238  Nicotiana obtusifolia Scott D. White, M. D. Wilcox 1995-6-8 3256 Inyo Northern Mojave Desert, Panamint Mountains, Pleasant Canyon, west of Clair Camp 1220 Comment
  HSC21291  Nicotiana obtusifolia A. R. Marshall 1963-4-9 90 Inyo Saline Valley Comment
  NY962864  Nicotiana obtusifolia J. D. Morefield 1984-3-14 JDM- 1840 -(a) Inyo White Mountains. 2.2 mi S80°W of Deep Springs College on S face of Crystal Peak Comment
  RSA0020232  Nicotiana obtusifolia Alan Romspert 1973-5-22 46 Inyo Suprise Canyon, along unpaved roads. Pinyon-Juniper Woodland. 2287 Comment
  RSA25297  Nicotiana obtusifolia C. Leo Hitchcock 1930-4-30 6249 Inyo 4 mi. west of Lone Pine. Comment
  RSA274186  Nicotiana obtusifolia Richard L. Zembal 1978-4-2 CHSA- 509 Inyo 1/2 mi. N. W of Devil's Kitchen. 1341 Comment
  RSA290733  Nicotiana obtusifolia Robert F. Thorne, Larry E. DeBuhr, John Dourley 1974-7-9 44888 Inyo Panamint Mts. Near Beehive charcoal kilns 2043 Comment
  RSA295232  Nicotiana obtusifolia R. S. Woglum 1940-3-23 2517 Inyo Mojave Desert: Death Valley, Boundary Canyon. Comment
  RSA352218  Nicotiana obtusifolia C. R. Annable 1983-10-31 996 Inyo Death Valley National Monument, Funeral Mountains. Mouth of canyon south of Keane Wonder Mill. 396 Comment
  RSA352909  Nicotiana obtusifolia C. R. Annable, P. M. Peterson 1981-3-7 6 Inyo Marble Canyon; 604 Comment
  RSA426723  Nicotiana obtusifolia Gary D. Wallace, Maurice Zigmond 1938-8-17 K- 119 Inyo Panamint Mountains. Comment
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  RSA426724  Nicotiana obtusifolia Francis Fultz 1922-3-1 3591 Inyo Owl Springs. Death Valley Rd. Comment
  RSA426726  Nicotiana obtusifolia Percy Train 1937-4-10 s.n. Inyo Great Falls Canyon, near Trona, Argus Mts. 610 Comment
  RSA517602  Nicotiana obtusifolia Alan Romspert 1976-07 226 Inyo Suprise Canyon; Panamint Mountains, Death Valley Comment
  RSA618348  Nicotiana obtusifolia Mary DeDecker 1969-5-2 2017 Inyo Inyo Mountains: Box canyon east of Independence. 1220 Comment
  RSA678880  Nicotiana obtusifolia Richard L. Zembal 1978-4-2 s.n. Inyo Coso Hot Springs Area.Volcanic butte nw of Devil's Kitchen. Comment
  SBBG70577  Nicotiana obtusifolia S. W. Hutchinson, M. N. Ackley -Mar-1928 970 Inyo Boundary Cyn, Death Valley 1315 Comment
  SEINET6175306  Nicotiana obtusifolia L. Wise 1976-4-25 69 V Inyo Death Valley National Monument, Titus Canyon about midway 1067 Comment
  SEINET6175321  Nicotiana obtusifolia A. Tiehm 1976-1 2030 Inyo 9.2 road miles east of Death Valley on HWY 127 884 Comment
  SJSU1452  Nicotiana obtusifolia C. W. Sharsmith 1954-3-22 3130 Inyo E branch Furnace Cr Wash c. 9 mi E of Travertine Springs, Death Valley drainage 914 Comment
  SJSU3670  Nicotiana obtusifolia C. W. Sharsmith 1963-4-9 6963 Inyo 1.5 mi NW of Grapevine Springs, W slope Grapevine Mts, Death Valley drainage 841 Comment
  UC103889  Nicotiana obtusifolia C. A. Purpus May 1897 5781 Inyo Argus Mountains Comment
  UC126471  Nicotiana obtusifolia H. M. Hall and H. P. Chandler 1906-5-26 7176 Inyo 4 mi n Keeler; Swansea Comment
  UC884677  Nicotiana obtusifolia Percy Train 1937-4-10 Inyo near Trona; Argus Mts., Great Falls Canyon 609 Comment
  SEINET3447922  Nicotiana obtusifolia var. obtusifolia Unknown 1937-4-10 Inyo Argus Mountains, Argus Mountains 600 Comment

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