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The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.

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Author Date Title Source Citation Notes
detailARIN, Laura, Albert REÑÉ, Rachele GALLISAI, Diana SARNO, Esther GARCÉS, & Marta ESTRADA2021 (Oct. 12) '2022'Taxonomic relationship between two small-sized Chaetoceros species (Bacillariophyta): C. tenuissimus and C. salsugineus, and comparison with C. olympicus sp. nov. from Catalan coastal waters (NW Mediterranean)European Journal of Phycology57(3): 277-296, 45 figs., 4 tables
detailBALDARELLI, Lauren M., Karina OSORIO-SANTOS, & Jeffrey R. JOHANSEN2022 (Jun. 21)Mojavia aguilerae and M. dolomitestris — two new Nostocaceae (Cyanobacteria) species from the AmericasJ. Phycol.58(4): 502-516, 6 figs.
detailKAWAI, Hiroshi, Takeaki HANYUDA, & Eric C. HENRY2021 (Sep. 21) '2022'Transfer of Pilinia from Ectocarpales to Ishigeales (Phaeophyceae) with proposal of Piliniaceae fam. nov., and taxonomy of Porterinema in EctocarpalesEuropean Journal of Phycology57(3): 318-327, 32 figs., 2 tables
detailKAWAI, Hiroshi, Takeaki HANYUDA, Qian CHENG, Kathy Ann MILLER, & Akira F. PETERS2021 (Sep. 6) '2022'Taxonomic revision of Dictyosiphon (Ectocarpales s.l., Phaeophyceae) from the north-western Pacific, with descriptions of D. asiaticus sp. nov. and D. sparsus sp. novEuropean Journal of Phycology57(3): 251-263, 39 figs., 1 table
detailKOCIOLEK, J.P., D.M. WILLIAMS, & A. DANZ2022 (Aug. 9)Taxonomy and valve ultrastructure of new and interesting freshwater fossil diatoms (Bacillariophyta) of Miocene age from the Espanola formation of New Mexico, USA. I. Ontogeny of Tetracyclus stelloides sp. nov., with comments on 'accepted names' and Hustedt's concepts of 'convergence' and 'miserable forms'Diatom Research37(2): 107-117, 20 figs.
detailKOOISTRA, Wiebe H.C.F., Wolf-Henning KUSBER, David U. HERNÁNDEZ-BECERRIL, Marina MONTRESOR, & Diana SARNO2022The type species of the diatom genus ChaetocerosDiatom Research37(2): 81-88, 8 figs., 1 tableChaetoceros tetrachaeta and C. dichaeta lectotypified
detailLI, Yuhang, Tamotsu NAGUMO, & Kuidong XU2022 (Jul. 18)Morphology and molecular phylogeny of Amphora baotuensis sp. nov., a new freshwater benthic diatom from a karst spring in ChinaDiatom Research37(2): 145-153, 23 figs., 1 table
detailLOBBAN, Christopher S., & Gabriella Helene PRELOSKY2022 (Jun. 9)Gomphotheca marciae (Bacillariophyceae: Bacillariaceae), a new species in a rarely seen genusDiatom Research37(2): 119-126, 26 figs., 2 tables
detailLONG, Ji-Yan, John Patrick KOCIOLEK, David M. WILLIAMS, Bing LIU, Wen-Hui MO, & Jin-Hua CHEN2022 (Jun. 20)Two new freshwater species of Surirella (Bacillariophyta) from the Wuling Mountains, ChinaPhytoKeys201: 35-49, 8 figs.Surirella wufluminensis, S. suiningensis
detailROMANOV, Roman E., Arthur Yu. NIKULIN, Vyacheslav Yu. NIKULIN, & Andrey A. GONTCHAROV2021 (Dec. 9) '2022'New species Chara oryzae and a new section Corillionia of Chara (Charales, Charophyceae) from European Mediterranean rice fieldsEuropean Journal of Phycology57(3): 328-342, 25 figs., 1 table
detailSCHULTZ, Konrad, Thomas HÜBENER, Olivier JACQUES, Armin SPRINGER, Marcus FRANK, & Mirko DRESSLER2022 (Jul. 14)DNA barcoding reveals a new species of Stephanodiscus EhrenbergDiatom Research37(2): 89-106, 130 figs., 3 tables
detailSTANCHEVA, Rosalina2022 (Jun. 9)Cocconeis fetscheriana sp. nov. (Bacillariophyta) from streams in California (USA) with reference to the cingulum variability within the placentuloid species complexDiatom Research37(2): 127-144, 98 figs., 2 tables
detailYAN, Qiufeng, Huan ZHU, Jiao FANG, Benwen LIU, & Guoxiang LIU2022 (Aug. 11)Taxonomic study of a novel terrestrial alga, Spongiosarcinopsis qinghaiensis sp. nov. (Protosiphonaceae, Chlorophyta), from the Qinghai-Tibet PlateauPhytoKeys204: 83-95, 13 figs., 1 table
detailYU, Pan, Qingmin YOU, Yonghong BI, & Quanxi WANG2022 (Aug. 12)A new freshwater species Achnanthidium kangdingnese (Bacillariophyta, Achnanthidiaceae) from Sichuan Province, ChinaPhytoKeys204: 97-108, 5 figs., 1 table