Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.

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Author Date Title Source Citation Notes
detailBUSTAMANTE, Danilo E., Boo Yeon WON, Michael J. WYNNE, & Tae Oh CHO2021 (Feb. 10)Molecular and morphological analyses reveal new taxa additions to the tribe Streblocladieae (Rhodomelaceae, Rhodophyta)J. Phycol.57(3): 817-830, 8 figs.
detailGANTERER, Ubald1847Die bisher bekannten österreichischen Charen, vom morphologischen StandpunktenCarl Haas'schen Buchhandlung22 pp., II pls. (=XVI figs.)
detailJEONG, So Young, Wendy A. NELSON, Judith E. SUTHERLAND, Viviana PEÑA, Line LE GALL, Guillermo DIAZ-PULIDO, Boo Yeon WON, & Tae Oh CHO2020 (Dec. 11) '2021'Corallinapetrales and Corallinapetraceae: a new order and family of coralline red algae including Corallinapetra gabrielii comb. nov.J. Phycol.57(3): 849-862, 6 figs., 1 table
detailKRAFT, Gerald T., & Gary W. SAUNDERS2021 (May 11)The Acrotylaceae (Gigartinales) revisited: molecular data indicate family-level differences in one of the most enigmatic red-algal familiesAustralian Systematic Botany34(3): 305-326, 13 figs., 1 table
detailLUKOMSKA-KOWALCZYK, Maja, Katarzyna CHABER, Alicja FELLS, Rafal MILANOWSKI, & Bozena ZAKRYŚ2021 (Feb. 14)Description of Flexiglena gen. nov. and new members of Discoplastis and Euglenaformis (Euglenida)J. Phycol.57(3): 766-779, 3 figs., 1 table
detailPIETRASIAK, Nicole, Sharon REEVE, Karina OSORIO-SANTOS, David A. LIPSON, & Jeffrey R. JOHANSEN2021 (Feb. 14)Trichotorquatus gen. nov. — a new genus of soil cyanobacteria discovered from American drylandsJ. Phycol.57(3): 886-902, 8 figs., 1 table
detailTONICELLI, Gina A., Maria Emilia CROCE, Pilar DÍAZ-TAPIA, Suzanne FREDERICQ, David Wilson FRESHWATER, Maria Cecilia GAUNA, Elisa R. PARODI, Heroen VERBRUGGEN, & Max H. HOMMERSAND2021 (Jan. 15)Meridionella gen. nov., a new genus of Cystocloniaceae (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta) from the Southern Hemisphere, including M. obtusangulaJ. Phycol.57(3): 797-816, 9 figs., 1 table
detailWALZ, J.1865 (Oct. and Nov.)Morfologia i Sistematika Roda Vaucheria DC. (Ectosperma Vauch.)Universitetskija Izvestija. Kiev1865 (10, Otdel 2): 1-18Russian; formal descriptions and figs. 1-25 in issue 11 (Nov.)