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The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.

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Author Date Title Source Citation Notes
detailBALECH, Enrique1971 (Feb.)Microplancton del Atlantico Ecuatorial Oeste (Equalant I)Servicio de Hidrografia Naval, Buenos AiresH. 654: 1-103 +XII pls (=213 figs.)Dinoflagellates and tintinnids
detailBUCUR, Ioan I., Calin BRUCHENTAL, Ioan COCIUBA, Bruno GRANIER, Anca-Mariana HEBRISTEAN, Daniel-Florin LAZAR, Alexandru Vlad MARIAN & Emanoil SASARAN2012 (Nov. 1) '2013'Representatives of the genus Triploporella (Dasycladales, calcareous algae) in the Lower Cretaceous limestones of RomaniaFacies59: 193-206, 9 figs., 2 tablesAcroporella bacilliformis n.c.
detailBUCUR, Ioan2014A new dasycladalean alga from the Lower Cretaceous of the Eastern Carpathians (Romania): Andreiella rajkae nov. gen., nov. sp.Facies60: 217-228, 8 figs.
detailCORROCHANO, D., D. VACHARD & I. ARMENTEROS 2012 (Nov. 29) ('2013')New insights on the red alga Archaeolithophyllum and its preservation from the Pennsylvanian of the Cantabrian Zone (NW Spain)Facies59: 949-967, 7 figs., 1 tableArchaeolithophyllum asymmetricum
detailGRANIER, Bruno, Dimas DIAS-BRITO & Ioan I. BUCUR 2012 (Aug. 15) '2013'A new mid-Cretaceous Neomeris (Dasycladacean alga) from the Potiguar Basin, BrazilFacies59: 221-230, 5 figs., 2 tablesNeomeris srivastavae
detailHOSSEINI, Seyed Abolfazl, & Marc A. CONRAD2008Calcareous algae, foraminifera and sequence stratigraphy of the Fahliyan Formation at Kuh-e-Surmeh (Zagros Basin, SW of Iran)Geologica Croatica61(2/3): 215-237, 4 figs., 7 pls.Salpingoporella inopinata
detailHOSSEINI, Seyedabolfazl, Marc A. CONRAD, Nicolaos CARRAS, & Pascal KINDLER2014Mizzia zagarthica sp. nov., a Late Berriasian-Early Valanginian dasycladalean alga from the Fahliyan Formation in the Zagros fold-thrust belt, SW Iran. Re-assessment on the genus MizziaFacies60: 501-514, 18 figs., 1 table
detailHOSSEINI, Seyedabolfazl, Marc André CONRAD & Pascal KINDLER 2012 (Aug. 9) ('2013')Iranella inopinata Gollestaneh 1965, a puzzling dasycladalean alga from the Lower Cretaceous shallow carbonate shelf deposits of the Zagros fold-thrust belt, SW IranFacies59: 231-245, 19 figs.
detailLI, Zhun, Kenneth Neil MERTENS, Marc GOTTSCHLING, Haifeng GU, Sylvia SÖHNER, Andrea M. PRICE, Fabienne MARRET, Vera POSPELOVA, Kirsty F. SMITH, Consuelo CARBONELL-MOORE, Elisabeth NÉZAN, Gwenael BILIEN, & Hyeon Ho SHIN2020 (Sep. 1)Taxonomy and molecular phylogenetics of Ensiculiferaceae, fam. nov. (Peridiniales, Dinophyceae), with consideration of their life-historyProtist171{125759}: 1-26, 11 figs., 1 tableissued online with individual pagination
detailPAILLÈS, Christine, Florence SYLVESTRE, Alain TONETTO, Jean-Charles MAZUR, & Sandrine CONROD2020 (Nov. 30)New fossil genus and new extant species of diatoms (Stephanodiscaceae, Bacillariophyceae) from Pleistocene sediments in the Neotropics (Guatemala, Central America): adaptation to a changing environment?Europ. J. Taxonomy726: 1-23, 59 figs., 1 tableCyclocostis rolfii Paillès gen et sp. nov.; Discostella gabinii Paillès & Sylvestre
detailPRÖSCHOLD, Thomas, & Tatyana DARIENKO 2020 (Sep. 9)Choricystis and Lewiniosphaera gen. nov. (Trebouxiophyceae Chlorophyta), two different green algal endosymbionts in freshwater spongesSymbiosis82: 175-188, 7 figs.
detailSELF-TRAIL, Jean M.2011Paleogene calcareous nannofossils of the South Dover Bridge core, Southern Maryland (USA)J. Nannoplankton Res.32(1): 1-28, 3 figs., 8 pls., 9 tables
detailSOKAČ, Branko1985Triploporella bacilliformis n.sp. (Dasycladaceae) from the Lower Cretaceous of the island of KorculaGeol. vjesnik38: 67-72, +II pls.