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The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.

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Author Date Title Source Citation Notes
detailBLANCO, Saúl2020 (Jun. 18)Corrigendum for Notulae algarum No. 139Notulae algarum139A: 1-4Validation of several names inadvertently not validly published in Notulae algarum 139
detailCLEVE-EULER, Astrid1951 (Sept. 21 printed)Die Diatomeen von Schweden und FinnlandK. Svenska VetAkad Handl. ser. 4 [i.e.6],2{1}. 163 pp., 7+[1] text-figs., 294 figs. on 56 unnumbered pls. + VI pls. [photos]
detailCLEVE-EULER, Astrid1952 (Oct. 31)Die Diatomeen von Schweden und Finnland. V. K. Svenska VetAkad Handl. ser. 4 [i.e.6],3{3}. 153 pp., figs. 1318-1583 on 46 unnumbered pls., +1 suppl. pl. [=pl. VII]incompletely processed
detailCLEVE-EULER, Astrid1953 (Dec. 29 printed)Die Diatomeen von Schweden und Finnland. II. Arraphideae, Brachyraphideae. K. Svenska VetAkad Handl. ser. 4 [i.e.6],4{1}. 158 pp., figs. 292-483 on 35 unnumbered pls.incompletely processed
detailCLEVE-EULER, Astrid1953 (Dec. 30 printed)Die Diatomeen von Schweden und Finnland. III. Monoraphideae, Biraphideae 1.K. Svenska VetAkad Handl. ser. 4 [i.e.6],4{5}. 254 pp., figs. 484-979a on 41 unnumbered pls.incompletely processed
detailCLEVE-EULER, Astrid1955 (Jan. 15)Die Diatomeen von Schweden und Finnland. IV. Biraphidae 2.K. Svenska VetAkad Handl. ser. 4 [i.e.6],5{4}. 232 pp., figs. 971-1306 on 50 unnumbered pls.incompletely processed
detailFOGED, Niels1952 (Jun. 28)Diatoms in trumpet-formed catching-nets of Neureclipsis bimaculata L. in SwedenBot. Not.1952(2): 157-184, figs. I-IVlarvae of caddisflies
detailTAYLOR, F.J.R.1980On dinoflagellate evolutionBioSystems13: 65-108, 11 text-figs.
detailWANG, Shui1961Tertiary Charophyta from Chaidamu (Tsaidam) Basin, Qinghai (Chinghai) ProvinceActa Palaeontologica Sinica9(3): 183-209, VII pls., 1 tablenew taxa not processed: Tectochara ulmensis var. chaidamuensis, Tectochara zhui, Tectochara houi, Tectochara wangii, Tectochara maslovii, Tectochara tetraspiralis, Latochara qinghaiensis, Latochara hongsanhanensis, Latochara obtusa, Nodosochara globosa, Chara zhoui, Chara columnaria, Chara stipitata, Chara leei, Chara multiconvoluta, Chara eboliangensis, Chara lepta, Chara latiformis, Chara gansenensis, Chara chaidamuensis, Chara latispiralis, Sphaerochara szei, Sphaerochara zengii, Sphaerochara yangii, Obtusochara lenghuensis, Obtusochara minuta, Kosmogyra longovalis, Kosmogyra lui