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The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.

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Author Date Title Source Citation Notes
detailBARCYTÉ, Dovilé, & Ladislav HODAČ2018 (Dec. 7) ('2019')Watanabea acidotolerans: A new trebouxiophyte lineage (Chlorophyta) inhabiting low pH environments from Europe to South AmericaPhycological Research67(2): 120-127, 5 figs."Chlorophyceae" corrected to "Chlorophyta" in title of Dec. 18 version of article
detailCAIRES, Taiara Aguiar, Célia L. SANT'ANNA, & José Marcos de C. NUNES2019 (Mar. 2)Capilliphycus gen. nov.; validation of "Capillus T.A.Caires, Sant'Anna & J.M.Nunes," inval. (Oscillatoriaceae, Cyanobacteria)Notulae algarum95: 1-2
detailGUIRY, Michael D., & Kanchi GANDHI2019 (Feb. 27)Decussiphycus gen. nov.: a validation of "Decussata" (R.M.Patrick) Lange-Bertalot (Mastogloiaceae, Bacillariophyta)Notulae algarum94: 1-2
detailGUIRY, Michael D.2019 (Feb. 22)Nomenclatural notes on two chain-forming marine diatoms described by O.F. MüllerNotulae algarum92: 1-3, 1 fig.
detailLEWIS, Louise A., & Valerie R. FLECHTNER2019 (Jan. 23)Tetradesmus bajacalifornicus L.A.Lewis & Flechtner, sp. nov. and Tetradesmus deserticola L.A.Lewis & Flechtner, sp. nov. (Scenedesmaceae, Chlorophyta)Notulae algarum88: 1-2
detailMAKAROVA, I.V.1977 (Mar. 24)Novye materialy k poznaniiu roda Thalassiosira Cl. (Thalassiosiraceae) iz Chernogo moria. [New data to the study of genus Thalassiosira Cl. (Thalassiosiraceae) from the Black Sea]Botanicheskii Zhurnal62(4): 537-538 + IV pls.
detailMAKAROVA, I.V.1977 (May 25)Novye dannye o rode Thalassiosira Cl. (Bacillariophyta) iz Azovskogo moria [New data of the genus Thalassiosira Cl. (Bacillariophyta) from the Azovian (Maeotico) Sea]Botanicheskii Zhurnal62(6): 907-909 + IV pls.
detailPARENTE, Manuela I., & Gary W. SAUNDERS2019 (Jan. 22)A molecular survey of Ralfsia sensu stricto (Ralfsiales, Phaeophyceae) in Canada uncovers three new species: R. robertii sp. nov., R. tenebris sp. nov., and R. unimaculata sp. nov. Botany97(2): 135-147, 4 figs., 2 tables
detailRICHTER, Dorota, & Jan MATULA2013Leptolyngbya sieminskae sp. n. (Cyanobacteria) from SvalbardPolish Polar Research34(2): 151-168, 9 figs., 2 tables
detailSHERWOOD, A.R., C. BOEDEKER, & F. LELIAERT2019 (Feb. 13)Validation of new combinations in Pseudorhizoclonium Boedeker (Cladophoraceae, Chlorophyta)Notulae algarum91: 1
detailVAN DE VIJVER, Bart, & René LE COHU2019 (Jan. 16)Validation of "Cocconeis therezienii Le Cohu & Maillard", a freshwater diatom species (Cocconeidaceae, Bacillariophyta) from the subantarctic îles Kerguelen.Notulae algarum86: 1-4, 15 figs.
detailWYNNE, Michael J., Craig W. SCHNEIDER, & Gary W. SAUNDERS2019 (Feb. 27)The reinstatement of Hooperia J.Agardh (Lomentariaceae, Rhodophyta) to accommodate Lomentaria divaricata (Durant) M.J.WynneNotulae algarum93: 1-2
detailWYNNE, Michael J.2019 (Jan. 25)Torularia Bonnnemaison, 1828, a generic name to be reinstated for Atrophycus Necchi & Rossignolo, 2017Notulae algarum89: 1-4
detailWYNNE, Michael J.2019 (Mar. 8)Delicatophycus gen. nov.: a validation of "Delicata Krammer" inval. (Gomphonemataceae, Bacillariophyta)Notulae algarum97: 1-3