Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.

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Author Date Title Source Citation Notes
detailCARAGNANO, Annalisa, Alexandra FOETISCH, Gavin W. MANEVELDT, Laurent MILLET, Li-Chia LIU, Showe-Mei LIN, Graziella RODONDI, & Claude E. PAYRI2018 (Apr. 24)Revision of Corallinaceae (Corallinales, Rhodophyta): recognizing Dawsoniolithon gen. nov., Parvicellularium gen. nov. and Chamberlainoideae subfam. nov. containing Chamberlainium gen. nov. and PneophyllumJ. Phycol.54(3): 391-409, 7 figs., 2 tables
detailENGENE, Niclas, Ana TRONHOLM, & Valerie J. PAUL2018 (June 25)Uncovering cryptic diversity of Lyngbya: the new tropical marine cyanobacterial genus Dapis (Oscillatoriales)J. Phycol.54(4): 435-446, 6 figs.
detailGÓMEZ, Fernando, Lu WANG, & Senjie LIN2018 (July 16)Morphology and molecular phylogeny of epizoic araphid diatoms on marine zooplankton, including Pseudofalcula hyalina gen. & comb. nov. (Fragilariophyceae, Bacillariophyta)J. Phycol.54(4): 557-570, 6 figs.
detailSABER, Abdullah A., Karolina FUČÍKOVÁ, Hilary A. MCMANUS, Graziano GUELLA, & Marco CANTONATI2018 (May 8)Novel green algal isolates from the Egyptian hyper-arid desert oases: a polyphasic approach with a description of Pharao desertorum gen. et sp. nov. (Chlorophyceae, Chlorophyta)J. Phycol.54(3): 342-357, 8 figs., 2 tables