Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.

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Author Date Title Source Citation Notes
detailCHOMÉRAT, Nicolas, & Gwenaël BILIEN2014 (May 15)Madanidinium loirii gen. et sp. nov. (Dinophyceae), a new marine benthic dinoflagellate from Martinique Island, Eastern CaribbeanEuropean Journal of Phycology49(2): 165-178, 30 figs., 1 table
detailLELIAERT, Frederik, Heroen VERBRUGGEN, Pieter VANORMELINGEN, Frederique STEEN, Juan M. LÓPEZ-BAUTISTA, Giuseppe C. ZUCCARELLO, & Olivier DE CLERCK2014 (May 16)DNA-based species delimitation in algaeEuropean Journal of Phycology49(2): 179-196, 6 figs., 2 tablesextensive review of species concepts
detailPANDEIRADA, Mariana S., Sandra C. CRAVEIRO, Niels DAUGBJERG, Ojvind MOESTRUP, & António J. CALADO2014 (May 28)Studies on woloszynskioid dinoflagellates VI: description of Tovellia aveirensis sp. nov. (Dinophyceae), a new species of Tovelliaceae with spiny cystsEuropean Journal of Phycology49(2): 230-243, 30 figs., 2 tables
detailSAR, Eugenia A., Frithjof A.S. STERRENBURG, & Inés SUNESEN2014 (May 14)Pleurosigma hinzianum sp. nov. and P. frenguellianum sp. nov. (Pleurosigmataceae, Bacillariophyta) from Argentinean coastal waters, in comparison with P. amara Stidolph and P. elongatum W. SmithEuropean Journal of Phycology49(2): 151-164, 55 figs., 1 table
detailSTERRENBURG, F.A.S., & G.J.C. UNDERWOOD1997 (Oct. 31)Studies on the genera Gyrosigma and Pleurosigma (Bacillariophyceae). The marine "Gyrosigma spenceri" records: Gyrosigma limosum Sterrenburg et Underwood nov. sp.Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia148: 165-169, 7 figs.
detailSTERRENBURG, F.A.S., M.A. TIFFANY & C.B. LANGE2000 (Apr. 14)Studies on the genera Gyrosigma and Pleurosigma (Bacillariophyceae). Species from the Salton Sea, California, USA, including Pleurosigma ambrosianum, nov. sp.Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia150: 305-313, 33 figs., 1 table
detailSTERRENBURG, F.A.S.2000 (Apr. 14)Studies on the genera Gyrosigma and Pleurosigma (Bacillariophyceae). Gyrosigma reversum (Gregory) Hendey and G. naja (Meister) Sterrenburg, nov. comb.Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia150: 301-304, 10 figs.
detailŠKALOUD, Pavel, Magda ŠKALOUDOVÁ, Anna PROCHÁZKOVÁ, & Yvonne NEMCOVÁ2014 (May 19)Morphological delineation and distribution patterns of four newly described species within the Synura petersenii species complex (Chrysophyceae, Stramenopiles)European Journal of Phycology49(2): 213-229, 46 figs., 2 tables