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Accession ID Determination Collector Collection Date Collection Number County / State Locality Elevation in meters Feedback
DHN69252  Plagiothecium cavifolium D. H. Norris, T. Koponen & Li Zhi-hua 30 August 1983 69252 unknown / unknown On moist, shaded organic soil in Betula tortuosa forest on rich soil on slopes of Mt. Raiggegaissa, Kittdalen, Troms. Storfjord. Comment
DHN89597  Plagiothecium cavifolium D. H. Norris, Ross Priddle 26 May 1997 89597 unknown / WA On moist, diffusely lit log in second-growth Pseudotsuga forest with Gaultheria understory along Happy Lake Ridge Trail about 1/2 mile north of Elwha River Road, WSW of Port Angeles, Olympic National Park. 650 Comment
DHN89666  Plagiothecium cavifolium D. H. Norris, Ross Priddle 27 May 1997 89666 unknown / WA On submerged, rather sunny rocks in rivulet in second growth forest of Pseudotsuga and Alnus rubra along Aurora Ridge Trail about 1/2 mile E of the Sol Duc Road, W of Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park. 350 Comment
DHN69660  Plagiothecium cavifolium D. H. Norris September 1983 69660 unknown / unknown On moist, shaded recess under boulder in Picea forest immediately north of Muurimestarintie between Pakilantie and Tuusilantie, City of Helsinki. Comment
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