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Accession ID Determination Collector Collection Date Collection Number County / State Locality Elevation in meters Feedback
DHN47333  Leucolepis acanthoneura D. H. Norris 29 February 1976 47333 Polk / OR On moist, rather sunny bark of Acer macrophyllum in open forest of Tsuga, Pseudotsuga & Thuja along Siletz River about 5 miles east of Hwy 101 on Highway 229. 30 Comment
DHN80225  Leucolepis acanthoneura D. H. Norris 22 January 1993 80225 Polk / OR On moist, diffusely lit deep litter under Pseudotsuga in rich riparian forest with Alnus rubra, Acer macrophyllum, Populus trichocarpa, and Fraxinus latifolia Little Sink Natural Area of BLM along Teal Creek Road about 1.5 miles south of Falls City. 150-200 Comment
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