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Accession ID Determination Collector Collection Date Collection Number County / State Locality Elevation in meters Feedback
DHN83996  Scapania bolanderi D. H. Norris 4 October 1994 83996 Lane / OR On moist, diffusely lit log in Abies procera forest along road 1152 at intersection Forest Service Rd. 11 north of Gordon Peak, Willamette National Forest 1400 Comment
DHN84034  Scapania bolanderi D. H. Norris 6 October 1994 84034 Lane / OR On moist, diffusely lit stump in forest of Tsuga heterophylla, Abies concolor and Pseudotsuga along Cooks Creek Trail at US Forest Service Rd.58 east of Cape Perpetua, Siuslaw National Forest 450 Comment
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