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Dieter H. Wilken

Annual to tree, generally hairy
Leaves cauline, opposite, generally toothed; stipules 0
Inflorescence: raceme, spike, or head, generally elongated in fruit; bract generally 1 per flower
Flower bisexual; calyx generally 4–5-toothed; corolla 4–5-lobed, radial to bilateral, salverform to 2-lipped; stamens 4–5, epipetalous (if 4, generally in unequal pairs); ovary superior, 2- or 4-lobed, generally 2-chambered, style 1, often with 2 unequal lobes, only 1 stigmatic, lateral
Fruit: 2 or 4 nutlets, drupe-like, or capsule
Genera in family: ± 90 genera, ± 1900 species: especially Am tropical. Some cultivated (Clerodendron , Lantana , Verbena , Vitex ); some weedy worldwide (Lantana ); some used for wood (Tectona , teak).


Shrub, strong-smelling
Leaf: blade lanceolate to ovate
Inflorescence: raceme or spike
Flower: calyx 4-toothed; corolla 5-lobed, ± 2-lipped; stamens 4, in unequal pairs; ovary 2-chambered, ovules 2, style unlobed, stigma ± spheric, terminal
Fruit: nutlets 2
Species in genus: ± 35 species: Am. Some used for food flavoring, tea
Etymology: (Maria Luisa Teresa, Queen of Spain or Luis Antonio Bourbon, Prince of Asturias, Spain, both 18th century)


A. wrightii Abrams


Shrub < 2 m, ± rounded
Stem: branches many; twigs brown, angles white
Leaf: petiole < 4 mm; blade 4–17 mm, ovate to ± round, crenate, lower surface densely hairy
Inflorescence: spike 1.5–6 cm; axis densely and finely tomentose; bract slightly < calyx, lanceolate
Flower: calyx 1.5–3 mm, puberulent; corolla 2.5–3.5 mm, white, lobes rounded, upper 2 larger
Fruit < 2 mm
Ecology: Uncommon. Rocky, often limestone, slopes, Joshua-tree or pinyon/juniper woodland
Elevation: 900–1600 m.
Bioregional distribution: s&e Desert Mountains
Distribution outside California: to Texas, n Mexico
Flowering time: Aug–Oct
Synonyms: Lippia w. Torr. invalid
Horticultural information: TRY; DFCLT.
See the CNPS Inventory for information about endangerment and rarity.
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