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Patrick E. Elvander

Perennial or subshrub from caudex or rhizome, generally ± hairy
Stem often ± leafy on lower half, rarely trailing and leafy throughout
Leaves generally simple, basal or sometimes cauline, generally alternate, generally petioled; veins ± palmate
Inflorescence: panicle, generally ± scapose
Flower generally bisexual, generally radial; hypanthium free to ± fused to ovary; calyx lobes generally 5; petals generally 5, free, generally clawed, generally white; stamens generally 5 or 10; pistils 2 and simple or 1 and compound (chambers 1–2, placentas 2–4, axile or parietal), ovary superior to inferior, sometimes more superior in fruit, styles generally 2
Fruit: 2 follicles or 2–4-valved capsule
Seeds generally many, small
Genera in family: 40 genera, 600 species: especially n temp, arctic, alpine; some cultivated (Bergenia , Darmera , Heuchera , Saxifraga , Tellima , Tolmiea )
Reference: [Soltis 1988 Syst Bot 13:64–72]


Caudex corm-like, ovoid or flat, lobed, without scales or bulblets
Leaves generally 1–3, basal; blade ± round, base cordate to reniform, lobes and teeth shallow
Inflorescence: cyme, appearing before leaves; bracts scale-like
Flower: hypanthium free of ovary, generally truncate at base; stamens 10; pistil 1, ovary superior, chambers 2, placentas 2, axile
Fruit: capsule
Species in genus: 3 species: CA
Etymology: (W.L. Jepson, CA botanist, 1867–1946)
Reference: [Ornduff 1969 Brittonia 21:286–298]
Spp. heterostylous, flowers blooming in autumn (most members of family bloom in spring).

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