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1. Annual 0.1–1.5(3) dm

2. Peduncle < 1 cm

3. Heads radiate ..... E. multicaule

3' Heads discoid

4. Leaf weakly rolled under, tip sharp-pointed; phyllaries 3–4 ..... E. mohavense

4' Leaf margins strongly rolled under, tip rounded; phyllaries 6–8 ..... E. pringlei

2' Peduncle >= 1 cm

5. Anther tip awl-like; disk corolla lobes glandular; ray white to yellow

6. Pappus of alternating long and short scales; fruit 2.5–4.5 mm; ray white ..... E. lanosum

6' Pappus 0 or of ± = scales; fruit ± 2 mm; ray yellow, occasionally cream-white ..... E. wallacei

5' Anther tip deltate; disk corolla lobes glandless; ray yellow

7. Pappus 0 or of minute scales; anther tip glabrous; s Sierra Nevada Foothills, Tehachapi Mountain Area, East of Sierra Nevada, Desert ..... E. ambiguum

8. Disk corolla lobes glabrous; pappus of 6–10 irregularly toothed scales 0.2–0.5 mm ..... var. ambiguum

8' Disk corolla lobes with 1-celled hairs; pappus 0 or scales entire, 0.1–0.2 mm ..... var. paleaceum

7' Pappus of scales >= 0.5 mm; anther tip glandular; c Sierra Nevada (Mariposa Co.)

9. Branches open, spreading; ray 3–5 mm; 500–1900 m ..... E. congdonii

9' Branches strictly ascending; ray ± 1 mm; 1800–2500 m ..... E. nubigenum

1' Generally perennial herb to shrub, occasionally flowering 1st year, 1–15 dm

10. Subshrub or shrub; heads 1–30+; peduncle 0–10(14) cm; ray 2–10 mm

11. Subshrub 3–15 dm; phyllaries 8–11; ray flowers (0)6–9; ray 3–5 mm; coastal dunes, bluffs, canyons ..... E. staechadifolium

11' Subshrub or shrub, 2–10 dm; phyllaries 4–8; ray flowers (0)4–8, ray 2–10 mm; generally non-coastal

12. Heads 1–5; peduncle 5–10(14) cm; ray flowers 5–8, ray 6–10 mm – San Francisco Bay Area, Inner South Coast Ranges ..... E. jepsonii

12' Heads 3–30+; peduncle 0–2.5(9) cm; ray flowers (0)4–6(8), ray 2–5 mm ..... E. confertiflorum

13. Heads 10–30+; peduncle 0–1(2) cm; involucre 3–5 mm diam; disk corolla 2–3 mm ..... var. confertiflorum

13' Heads 3–10; peduncle 0.5–2.5(9) cm; involucre 5–7 mm diam; disk corolla 3.5–4 mm ..... var. tanacetiflorum

10' Annual to subshrub, woody at base only; heads 1–5(10); peduncle (1)3–30 cm; ray 6–20 mm

14. Involucre 5–6(7) mm diam; peduncle 1–8 cm; ray flowers 6–8(13), ray generally 6–10 mm; rare; c-w San Francisco Bay Area (San Mateo Co.) ..... E. latilobum

14' Involucre 6–15 mm diam; peduncle 3–30 cm; ray flowers (0)5–13(15), ray 6–20 mm; not rare; widespread complex ..... E. lanatum

15. Tube of disk flower glabrous; rare, s Tehachapi Mountain Area, se Outer South Coast Ranges ..... var. hallii

15' Tube of disk flower very glandular or hairy; widespread

16. Ray flowers generally 8(5–10); phyllaries generally 8(5–10), strongly keeled; leaves entire or 3-(5-)lobed, margins flat ..... var. integrifolium

16' Ray flowers generally 9–13; phyllaries 9–15, keeled to flat; leaves entire to nearly compound, margins flat or rolled under

17. Leaves densely woolly on faces, entire or coarsely toothed (especially distal to middle), margins flat

18. Ray 7–10 mm; Klamath Ranges, High North Coast Ranges ..... var. lanceolatum

18' Ray 6–7 mm; c&s High Sierra Nevada, San Bernardino Mountains ..... var. obovatum

17' Leaves less hairy, (often green) adaxially, entire to nearly compound, margins rolled under

19. Leaves linear to ovate, entire to 2-compound, often woolly-tufted adaxially; pappus 0.5–1.5 mm; peduncle 3–30 cm; ray yellow

20. Leaves 1–3 cm, lobed to ± 2-pinnately compound; peduncle 3–10 cm, generally slender; involucre 6–8 mm; ray 6–9 mm ..... var. achilleoides

20' Leaves 3–8 cm, entire to pinnately lobed; peduncle 10–30 cm, generally swollen proximal to heads; involucre 8–10 mm; ray 10–20 mm ..... var. grandiflorum

19' Leaves narrowly oblanceolate or wider, serrate to sharply lobed, glabrous adaxially; pappus 0 or minute; peduncle 3–10 cm; ray golden yellow

21. Leaves ± diamond-shaped, proximal sharply 3–5 lobed, woolly-tufted abaxially; coastal ..... var. arachnoideum

21' Leaves oblanceolate to obovate, coarsely serrate or lobed distally, silky-woolly abaxially; High Sierra Nevada ..... var. croceum


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