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Sat Aug 14 21:23:04 2010A. SandersMultiple correctionssee other Parish colls. from this site -- incl. dupl. at RSA. "Elev. 200 ft. below sea level."
OriginalUC444325Atriplex canescensParishOct 11 1912 8256 unknownCaleb, Salton Basin
ModificationUC444325Atriplex canescensS.B. ParishOct 11 1912 8256 IMPERIALCaleb, Salton Basin

Sun Sep 4 15:11:40 2011A. SandersWhat I didThe other Parish colls. were assigned to wrong county. It's RIV based on location S of Mecca.
OriginalUC444325Atriplex canescensS. B. ParishOct 11 1912 8256 ImperialCaleb, Salton Basin
ModificationUC444325Atriplex canescensS. B. ParishOct 11 1912 8256 RIVERSIDECaleb, Salton Basin
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