Results of D.W. Taylor investigation of California Geological Survey Specimens

Draft: comments to Dean Taylor

Henry Bolander
Collection number: 6316
Current name: Mimulus suksdorfii A. Gray
Field Book name: Mimulus rubellus Gray
Field Book data: p. 481
Notes (Field Book): Mimulus. Mono Pass. September. Rare
Collector: Henry N. Bolander
Collection date: Sep 1866
Taylor notes:
Accession numbers: UC41891 GH78913
Camp number:
Place: Mono Pass
Location description:
Notes: Note that UC41891is filed as Mimulus suksdorfii while GH78913 with the same collection number is a type of Mimulus montioides ; GH78913 mounted with syntype of M. montiodes , C. C. Parry, 1864; also Type of Mimulus suksdorfii , W. N. Suksdorfi 487
Curatorial notes:
Publication: Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 7: 380. 1868.

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