Results of D.W. Taylor investigation of California Geological Survey Specimens

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Henry Bolander
Collection number: 3970
Current name: Zigadenus micranthus Eastw. var. micranthus
Field Book name: Zygadenus venenosus Watson
Field Book data: "field book p. 383 "About the Geysers and Pine Mt.""
Notes (Field Book): Near geysers at Pine Mountain
Collector: Henry N. Bolander
Collection date:
Taylor notes:
Accession numbers: UC1601374
State: CA
County: Sonoma
Camp number:
Place: Geysers
Location description: Geysers and vicinity, along Big Sulphur Creek watershed
Elevation (estimated): 1500 ft
Coordinates: 38.80275 -122.80496
Curatorial notes:

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