Results of D.W. Taylor investigation of California Geological Survey Specimens

Draft: comments to Dean Taylor

Henry Bolander
Collection number: 2655
Current name: Horkelia bolanderi A. Gray
Field Book name: Horkelia Bolanderi Gray
Field Book data: p. 375 plants from Bolander [p. 371 Plants collected by H.N. Bolander, near Clear Lake, 1863]
Notes (Field Book): Roadside. Lake Co.
Collector: Henry N. Bolander
Collection date: 1863
Taylor notes: The number 189 on the gray paper label of the US320843 sheet differs from the other sheets of this type
Accession numbers: UC12377 UC12379 US320843 GH26518
State: CA
County: Lake County
Camp number:
Place: Lake County
Location description: Clear Lake, arbitrarily placed in the vicinity of present day Lower Lake
Coordinates: 38.91 -122.61
Curatorial notes:
Publication: Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 7:338. 1868

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