Dean W. Taylor's investigation of California Geological Survey Specimens

Since Dean Taylor passed away in 2020, these data are to be considered archived and will not be regularly updated.

Please note that this database used to display specimens from CAS, DS, RSA and POM. However, since the creation of CCH2, the accession numbers of these collections have changed to barcodes. As a result, the accession in Dean's database no longer link to specimens. In the future, Dean's database will be updated to link his notes to the corrected CCH2 accession numbers for these records.

Henry Bolander
Henry Bolander
Collection number: 2647
Current name:
Field Book name: Ammania
Field Book data: p. 374 plants from Bolander [p. 371 Plants collected by H.N. Bolander, near Clear Lake, 1863]
Notes (Field Book): *Banks of Cache Creek*
Collector: Henry N. Bolander
Collection date: 1863
Taylor notes:
Accession numbers:
State: CA
County: Lake
Camp number:
Place: Clear Lake
Location description: Clear Lake, arbitrarily placed in the vicinity of present day Lower Lake
Elevation (estimated): 1300 ft
Coordinates: 38.91 -122.61
Curatorial notes:

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