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Result of search for Latin name Rumex

  1. Rumex (JFP-15)
  2. Rumex X acutus (JFP-11)
  3. Rumex X erubescens (JFP-11)
  4. Rumex acetosella (JFP-2)
  5. Rumex angiocarpus (as synonym)
  6. Rumex aquaticus (JFP-8)
  7. Rumex aquaticus var. fenestratus (JFP-1a)
  8. Rumex britannica (JFP-1)
  9. Rumex bucephalophorus (JFP-3)
  10. Rumex californicus (JFP-1)
  11. Rumex conglomeratus (JFP-2)
  12. Rumex crassus (JFP-1)
  13. Rumex crispus (JFP-2)
  14. Rumex crispus subsp. crispus (JFP-2a)
  15. Rumex dentatus (JFP-2)
  16. Rumex dentatus subsp. klotzschianus (as synonym)
  17. Rumex fenestratus (as synonym)
  18. Rumex fueginus (JFP-1)
  19. Rumex fueginus (as synonym)
  20. Rumex fueginus var. ovato-cordatus (JFP-unresolved)
  21. Rumex hymenosepalus (JFP-1)
  22. Rumex kerneri (JFP-2)
  23. Rumex lacustris (JFP-1)
  24. Rumex maritimus (JFP-8)
  25. Rumex obtusifolius (JFP-2)
  26. Rumex obtusifolius subsp. agrestis (as synonym)
  27. Rumex occidentalis (JFP-1)
  28. Rumex orbiculatus (JFP-1a)
  29. Rumex orbiculatus (as synonym)
  30. Rumex orbiculatus var. orbiculatus (as synonym)
  31. Rumex orbiculatus var. orbiculatus (JFP-1a)
  32. Rumex palustris (JFP-3)
  33. Rumex paucifolius (JFP-1)
  34. Rumex paucifolius subsp. gracilescens (JFP-1a)
  35. Rumex paucifolius subsp. paucifolius (JFP-1a)
  36. Rumex paucifolius var. gracilescens (JFP-1a)
  37. Rumex paucifolius var. gracilescens (as synonym)
  38. Rumex persicarioides (JFP-1)
  39. Rumex persicarioides (as synonym)
  40. Rumex pulcher (JFP-2)
  41. Rumex salicifolius (JFP-1)
  42. Rumex salicifolius var. crassus (as synonym)
  43. Rumex salicifolius var. denticulatus (as synonym)
  44. Rumex salicifolius var. lacustris (as synonym)
  45. Rumex salicifolius var. salicifolius (as synonym)
  46. Rumex salicifolius var. transitorius (as synonym)
  47. Rumex salicifolius var. crassus (JFP-1a)
  48. Rumex salicifolius var. denticulatus (JFP-1a)
  49. Rumex salicifolius var. lacustris (JFP-1a)
  50. Rumex salicifolius var. mexicanus (JFP-8)
  51. Rumex salicifolius var. salicifolius (JFP-1a)
  52. Rumex salicifolius var. transitorius (JFP-1a)
  53. Rumex salicifolius var. triangulivalvis (JFP-1a)
  54. Rumex salicifolius var. triangulivalvis (as synonym)
  55. Rumex sanguineus (JFP-8)
  56. Rumex stenophyllus (JFP-2)
  57. Rumex transitorius (JFP-1)
  58. Rumex triangulivalvis (JFP-1)
  59. Rumex utahensis (JFP-1)
  60. Rumex venosus (JFP-1)
  61. Rumex violascens (JFP-1)

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