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Result of search for Latin name Ranunculus

  1. Ranunculus (JFP-15)
  2. Ranunculus acris (JFP-3)
  3. Ranunculus acris var. acris (JFP-3a)
  4. Ranunculus alceus (JFP-1a)
  5. Ranunculus alceus (as synonym)
  6. Ranunculus alismifolius (JFP-1)
  7. Ranunculus alismifolius var. alismellus (JFP-1)
  8. Ranunculus alismifolius var. alismifolius (JFP-1)
  9. Ranunculus alismifolius var. hartwegii (JFP-1)
  10. Ranunculus alismifolius var. lemmonii (JFP-1)
  11. Ranunculus alveolatus (as synonym)
  12. Ranunculus andersonii (JFP-1)
  13. Ranunculus andersonii var. andersonii (JFP-1a)
  14. Ranunculus aquatilis (JFP-1)
  15. Ranunculus aquatilis var. hispidulus (as synonym)
  16. Ranunculus aquatilis var. aquatilis (JFP-1)
  17. Ranunculus aquatilis var. capillaceus (JFP-1a)
  18. Ranunculus aquatilis var. capillaceus (as synonym)
  19. Ranunculus aquatilis var. diffusus (JFP-1)
  20. Ranunculus aquatilis var. harrisii (as synonym)
  21. Ranunculus aquatilis var. harrisii (as synonym)
  22. Ranunculus aquatilis var. hispidulus (JFP-1a)
  23. Ranunculus aquatilis var. longirostris (as synonym)
  24. Ranunculus aquatilis var. subrigidus (JFP-1a)
  25. Ranunculus aquatilis var. subrigidus (as synonym)
  26. Ranunculus aquatilus (variant spelling)
  27. Ranunculus arvensis (JFP-2)
  28. Ranunculus bonariensis (JFP-1)
  29. Ranunculus bonariensis var. trisepalus (JFP-1)
  30. Ranunculus bongardii (as synonym)
  31. Ranunculus bulbosus (JFP-3)
  32. Ranunculus californicus (JFP-1)
  33. Ranunculus californicus var. austromontanus (as synonym)
  34. Ranunculus californicus var. austromontanus (as synonym)
  35. Ranunculus californicus var. californicus (JFP-1)
  36. Ranunculus californicus var. cuneatus (JFP-1)
  37. Ranunculus californicus var. cuneatus (as synonym)
  38. Ranunculus californicus var. gratus (JFP-1a)
  39. Ranunculus californicus var. gratus (as synonym)
  40. Ranunculus californicus var. gratus (as synonym)
  41. Ranunculus californicus var. latilobus (JFP-1a_t)
  42. Ranunculus californicus var. rugulosus (as synonym)
  43. Ranunculus californicus var. rugulosus (as synonym)
  44. Ranunculus canus (JFP-1)
  45. Ranunculus canus var. blankinshipii (JFP-1a_t)
  46. Ranunculus canus var. canus (JFP-1)
  47. Ranunculus canus var. laetus (as synonym)
  48. Ranunculus canus var. ludovicianus (JFP-1)
  49. Ranunculus canus var. ludovicianus (as synonym)
  50. Ranunculus circinatus var. subrigidus (as synonym)
  51. Ranunculus cortusifolius (JFP-4_t)
  52. Ranunculus cymbalaria (JFP-1)
  53. Ranunculus cymbalaria var. saximontanus (as synonym)
  54. Ranunculus cymbalaria var. saximontanus (JFP-1a)
  55. Ranunculus delphinifolius (as synonym)
  56. Ranunculus eschscholtzii (JFP-1)
  57. Ranunculus eschscholtzii var. eschscholtzii (JFP-1)
  58. Ranunculus eschscholtzii var. oxynotus (JFP-1)
  59. Ranunculus eschscholtzii var. suksdorfii (JFP-1)
  60. Ranunculus flabellaris (JFP-1)
  61. Ranunculus flammula (JFP-1)
  62. Ranunculus flammula var. flammula (JFP-1)
  63. Ranunculus flammula var. ovalis (JFP-1)
  64. Ranunculus flammula var. ovalis (as synonym)
  65. Ranunculus flammula var. samolifolius (as synonym)
  66. Ranunculus flammula var. samolifolius (as synonym)
  67. Ranunculus glaberrimus (JFP-1)
  68. Ranunculus glaberrimus var. ellipticus (JFP-1)
  69. Ranunculus glaberrimus var. glaberrimus (JFP-1)
  70. Ranunculus gormanii (JFP-1)
  71. Ranunculus hebecarpus (JFP-1)
  72. Ranunculus hesperoxys (JFP-1a_t)
  73. Ranunculus hydrocharoides (JFP-1)
  74. Ranunculus hydrocharoides var. hydrocharoides (JFP-1a)
  75. Ranunculus hystriculus (JFP-1)
  76. Ranunculus lemmonii (JFP-1a)
  77. Ranunculus lemmonii (as synonym)
  78. Ranunculus lobbii (JFP-1)
  79. Ranunculus longirostris (JFP-1a)
  80. Ranunculus longirostris (as synonym)
  81. Ranunculus macounii (JFP-1)
  82. Ranunculus marmorarius (JFP-unresolved)
  83. Ranunculus muricatus (JFP-2)
  84. Ranunculus occidentalis (JFP-1)
  85. Ranunculus occidentalis var. alceus (as synonym)
  86. Ranunculus occidentalis var. dissectus (JFP-1)
  87. Ranunculus occidentalis var. dissectus (as synonym)
  88. Ranunculus occidentalis var. eisenii (JFP-1a)
  89. Ranunculus occidentalis var. eisenii (as synonym)
  90. Ranunculus occidentalis var. eisenii (as synonym)
  91. Ranunculus occidentalis var. howellii (JFP-1)
  92. Ranunculus occidentalis var. howellii (as synonym)
  93. Ranunculus occidentalis var. occidentalis (JFP-1)
  94. Ranunculus occidentalis var. platyphyllus (JFP-1a)
  95. Ranunculus occidentalis var. rattanii (JFP-1a)
  96. Ranunculus occidentalis var. rattanii (as synonym)
  97. Ranunculus occidentalis var. rattanii (as synonym)
  98. Ranunculus occidentalis var. ultramontanus (JFP-1)
  99. Ranunculus occidentalis var. ultramontanus (as synonym)
  100. Ranunculus orthorhynchus (JFP-1)
  101. Ranunculus orthorhynchus var. hallii (as synonym)
  102. Ranunculus orthorhynchus subsp. platyphyllus (as synonym)
  103. Ranunculus orthorhynchus var. bloomeri (JFP-1)
  104. Ranunculus orthorhynchus var. hallii (JFP-1a)
  105. Ranunculus orthorhynchus var. orthorhynchus (JFP-1)
  106. Ranunculus orthorhynchus var. platyphyllus (JFP-1)
  107. Ranunculus parviflorus (JFP-2)
  108. Ranunculus populago (JFP-1)
  109. Ranunculus pusillus (JFP-1)
  110. Ranunculus pusillus var. pusillus (JFP-1a)
  111. Ranunculus repens (JFP-2)
  112. Ranunculus repens var. pleniflorus (JFP-2a)
  113. Ranunculus repens var. repens (JFP-2a)
  114. Ranunculus sardous (JFP-2)
  115. Ranunculus sceleratus (JFP-1)
  116. Ranunculus sceleratus var. multifidus (JFP-1)
  117. Ranunculus sceleratus var. multifidus (as synonym)
  118. Ranunculus sceleratus var. sceleratus (JFP-2)
  119. Ranunculus subrigidus (as synonym)
  120. Ranunculus subrigidus (as synonym)
  121. Ranunculus suksdorfii (JFP-1a)
  122. Ranunculus testiculatus (JFP-2)
  123. Ranunculus trichophyllus (JFP-1a)
  124. Ranunculus trichophyllus (as synonym)
  125. Ranunculus trichophyllus var. trichophyllus (as synonym)
  126. Ranunculus trichophyllus var. trichophyllus (JFP-1a)
  127. Ranunculus trilobus (JFP-6)
  128. Ranunculus uncinatus (JFP-1)
  129. Ranunculus uncinatus var. parviflorus (JFP-1a)
  130. Ranunculus uncinatus var. parviflorus (as synonym)
  131. Ranunculus uncinatus var. uncinatus (JFP-1a)
  132. Ranunculus verecundus (JFP-8a)

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