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Result of search for Latin name Polygonum

  1. Polygonum (JFP-15)
  2. Polygonum aequale (as synonym)
  3. Polygonum amphibium (JFP-1a)
  4. Polygonum amphibium var. emersum (JFP-1a)
  5. Polygonum amphibium var. stipulaceum (JFP-1a)
  6. Polygonum arenastrum (JFP-2a)
  7. Polygonum arenastrum (as synonym)
  8. Polygonum argyrocoleon (JFP-2)
  9. Polygonum aubertii (JFP-2a)
  10. Polygonum austiniae (JFP-1)
  11. Polygonum aviculare (JFP-2)
  12. Polygonum aviculare subsp. aviculare (JFP-2)
  13. Polygonum aviculare subsp. buxiforme (JFP-3)
  14. Polygonum aviculare subsp. depressum (JFP-2)
  15. Polygonum aviculare subsp. neglectum (JFP-3)
  16. Polygonum aviculare subsp. rectum (JFP-3a)
  17. Polygonum aviculare subsp. rectum (as synonym)
  18. Polygonum aviculare subsp. rurivagum (JFP-3)
  19. Polygonum baldschuanicum (JFP-2a)
  20. Polygonum bellardii (JFP-8)
  21. Polygonum bidwelliae (JFP-1)
  22. Polygonum bistortoides (JFP-1a)
  23. Polygonum bolanderi (JFP-1)
  24. Polygonum buxiforme (as synonym)
  25. Polygonum calcatum (as synonym)
  26. Polygonum californicum (JFP-1)
  27. Polygonum capitatum (JFP-2a)
  28. Polygonum confertiflorum (as synonym)
  29. Polygonum convolvulus (JFP-2a)
  30. Polygonum convolvulus var. convolvulus (JFP-2a)
  31. Polygonum cuspidatum (JFP-2a)
  32. Polygonum davisiae (JFP-1a)
  33. Polygonum douglasii (JFP-1)
  34. Polygonum douglasii subsp. douglasii (as synonym)
  35. Polygonum douglasii subsp. austiniae (JFP-1a)
  36. Polygonum douglasii subsp. douglasii (JFP-1a)
  37. Polygonum douglasii subsp. johnstonii (JFP-1a)
  38. Polygonum douglasii subsp. johnstonii (as synonym)
  39. Polygonum douglasii subsp. majus (JFP-1a)
  40. Polygonum douglasii subsp. majus (as synonym)
  41. Polygonum douglasii subsp. spergulariiforme (JFP-1a)
  42. Polygonum douglasii var. johnstonii (as synonym)
  43. Polygonum douglasii var. latifolium (as synonym)
  44. Polygonum emaciatum (as synonym)
  45. Polygonum erectum (JFP-8)
  46. Polygonum esotericum (as synonym)
  47. Polygonum exile (as synonym)
  48. Polygonum exsertum (as synonym)
  49. Polygonum fowleri (JFP-1)
  50. Polygonum fowleri subsp. fowleri (JFP-1)
  51. Polygonum fusiforme (JFP-2a)
  52. Polygonum fusiforme (as synonym)
  53. Polygonum fusiforme (as synonym)
  54. Polygonum hickmanii (JFP-1)
  55. Polygonum hydropiper (JFP-2a)
  56. Polygonum hydropiperoides (JFP-1a)
  57. Polygonum hydropiperoides (as synonym)
  58. Polygonum hydropiperoides var. asperifolia (as synonym)
  59. Polygonum hydropiperoides var. asperifolium (as synonym)
  60. Polygonum interior (as synonym)
  61. Polygonum kelloggii (JFP-1a)
  62. Polygonum kelloggii (as synonym)
  63. Polygonum lapathifolium (JFP-1a)
  64. Polygonum lapathifolium (as synonym)
  65. Polygonum lapathifolium var. salicifolium (as synonym)
  66. Polygonum latum (as synonym)
  67. Polygonum leptocarpum (as synonym)
  68. Polygonum majus (JFP-1)
  69. Polygonum marinense (JFP-1)
  70. Polygonum microspermum (as synonym)
  71. Polygonum minimum (JFP-1)
  72. Polygonum montanum (as synonym)
  73. Polygonum montereyense (JFP-unresolved)
  74. Polygonum montereyense (as synonym)
  75. Polygonum multiflorum (JFP-4)
  76. Polygonum neglectum (JFP-3a)
  77. Polygonum neglectum (as synonym)
  78. Polygonum newberryi (JFP-1a)
  79. Polygonum omissum (as synonym)
  80. Polygonum orientale (JFP-3a_t)
  81. Polygonum paronychia (JFP-1)
  82. Polygonum parryi (JFP-1)
  83. Polygonum patulum (JFP-8)
  84. Polygonum pensylvanicum (JFP-2a)
  85. Polygonum pensylvanicum (as synonym)
  86. Polygonum pensylvanicum var. durum (as synonym)
  87. Polygonum pensylvanicum var. eglandulosum (as synonym)
  88. Polygonum pensylvanicum var. laevigatum (as synonym)
  89. Polygonum pensylvanicum var. nesophilum (as synonym)
  90. Polygonum pensylvanicum var. rosiflorum (as synonym)
  91. Polygonum persicaria (JFP-2a)
  92. Polygonum persicaria (as synonym)
  93. Polygonum phytolaccifolium (JFP-1a)
  94. Polygonum polygaloides (JFP-1)
  95. Polygonum polygaloides subsp. confertiflorum (JFP-1)
  96. Polygonum polygaloides subsp. esotericum (JFP-1)
  97. Polygonum polygaloides subsp. kelloggii (JFP-1)
  98. Polygonum polystachyum (JFP-2a)
  99. Polygonum prolificum (JFP-2a)
  100. Polygonum prolificum (as synonym)
  101. Polygonum punctatum (JFP-1a)
  102. Polygonum punctatum (as synonym)
  103. Polygonum punctatum var. confertiflorum (JFP-1a)
  104. Polygonum punctatum var. confertiflorum (as synonym)
  105. Polygonum punctatum var. ellipticum (JFP-1a)
  106. Polygonum punctatum var. ellipticum (as synonym)
  107. Polygonum punctatum var. leptostachyum (as synonym)
  108. Polygonum punctatum var. parviflorum (as synonym)
  109. Polygonum punctatum var. punctatum (JFP-1a)
  110. Polygonum puritanorum (as synonym)
  111. Polygonum ramosissimum (JFP-1)
  112. Polygonum ramosissimum subsp. prolificum (JFP-2)
  113. Polygonum ramosissimum subsp. ramosissimum (JFP-1)
  114. Polygonum ramosissimum var. prolificum (JFP-2a)
  115. Polygonum ramosissimum var. prolificum (as synonym)
  116. Polygonum ramosissimum var. ramosissimum (JFP-1a)
  117. Polygonum rurivagum (as synonym)
  118. Polygonum sachalinense (JFP-2a)
  119. Polygonum sawatchense (JFP-1)
  120. Polygonum sawatchense subsp. oblivium (JFP-1)
  121. Polygonum sawatchense subsp. sawatchense (JFP-1)
  122. Polygonum scabrum (as synonym)
  123. Polygonum shastense (JFP-1)
  124. Polygonum spergulariiforme (JFP-1)
  125. Polygonum stevensii (as synonym)
  126. Polygonum torreyi (as synonym)
  127. Polygonum triandrum (JFP-1a)
  128. Polygonum triandrum (as synonym)
  129. Polygonum triangulum (as synonym)
  130. Polygonum unifolium (as synonym)
  131. Polygonum watsonii (as synonym)

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