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Result of search for Latin name Delphinium

  1. Delphinium (JFP-15)
  2. Delphinium X inflexum (JFP-10)
  3. Delphinium ajacis (JFP-2a)
  4. Delphinium amabile (as synonym)
  5. Delphinium amabile subsp. apachense (as synonym)
  6. Delphinium amabile subsp. clarianum (JFP-1a_t)
  7. Delphinium ambiguum (JFP-8)
  8. Delphinium andersonii (JFP-1)
  9. Delphinium andersonii subsp. cognatum (as synonym)
  10. Delphinium andersonii var. scaposum (as synonym)
  11. Delphinium antoninum (JFP-1)
  12. Delphinium armeniacum (JFP-1a)
  13. Delphinium armeniacum (as synonym)
  14. Delphinium bakeri (JFP-1)
  15. Delphinium blochmaniae (JFP-1a)
  16. Delphinium blochmaniae (as synonym)
  17. Delphinium californicum (JFP-1)
  18. Delphinium californicum subsp. californicum (JFP-1)
  19. Delphinium californicum subsp. interius (JFP-1)
  20. Delphinium californicum var. interius (as synonym)
  21. Delphinium cardinale (JFP-1)
  22. Delphinium collinum (JFP-1a_t)
  23. Delphinium cuyamacae (JFP-1a)
  24. Delphinium cuyamacae (as synonym)
  25. Delphinium cyanoreios (as synonym)
  26. Delphinium decorum (JFP-1)
  27. Delphinium decorum subsp. decorum (JFP-1)
  28. Delphinium decorum subsp. tracyi (JFP-1)
  29. Delphinium decorum var. nevadense (as synonym)
  30. Delphinium decorum var. patens (as synonym)
  31. Delphinium decorum var. racemosum (JFP-11a)
  32. Delphinium decorum var. sonomensis (JFP-11a)
  33. Delphinium depauperatum (JFP-1)
  34. Delphinium diversifolium (as synonym)
  35. Delphinium diversifolium subsp. harneyense (as synonym)
  36. Delphinium emiliae (as synonym)
  37. Delphinium glaucum (JFP-1)
  38. Delphinium gracilentum (JFP-1)
  39. Delphinium gypsophilum (JFP-1)
  40. Delphinium gypsophilum subsp. gypsophilum (as synonym)
  41. Delphinium gypsophilum subsp. parviflorum (as synonym)
  42. Delphinium gypsophilum subsp. gypsophilum (JFP-1a)
  43. Delphinium gypsophilum subsp. parviflorum (JFP-1a)
  44. Delphinium hansenii (JFP-1)
  45. Delphinium hansenii subsp. arcuatum (as synonym)
  46. Delphinium hansenii subsp. ewanianum (JFP-1)
  47. Delphinium hansenii subsp. hansenii (JFP-1)
  48. Delphinium hansenii subsp. kernense (JFP-1)
  49. Delphinium hansenii var. arcuatum (JFP-1a)
  50. Delphinium hansenii var. arcuatum (as synonym)
  51. Delphinium hansenii var. kernense (as synonym)
  52. Delphinium hesperium (JFP-1)
  53. Delphinium hesperium f. pallescens (as synonym)
  54. Delphinium hesperium f. hirsutum (JFP-1a_t)
  55. Delphinium hesperium f. pallescens (JFP-1a)
  56. Delphinium hesperium subsp. cuyamacae (JFP-1)
  57. Delphinium hesperium subsp. hesperium (JFP-1)
  58. Delphinium hesperium subsp. pallescens (JFP-1)
  59. Delphinium hesperium var. hansenii (as synonym)
  60. Delphinium hesperium var. seditiosum (as synonym)
  61. Delphinium hutchinsoniae (JFP-1)
  62. Delphinium inflexum (JFP-10c)
  63. Delphinium inopinum (JFP-1)
  64. Delphinium kinkiense (JFP-1a)
  65. Delphinium kinkiense (as synonym)
  66. Delphinium luteum (JFP-1)
  67. Delphinium nudicaule (JFP-1)
  68. Delphinium nuttallianum (JFP-1)
  69. Delphinium parishii (JFP-1)
  70. Delphinium parishii var. inopinum (as synonym)
  71. Delphinium parishii var. pallidum (as synonym)
  72. Delphinium parishii subsp. pallidum (JFP-1)
  73. Delphinium parishii subsp. parishii (JFP-1)
  74. Delphinium parishii subsp. purpureum (as synonym)
  75. Delphinium parishii subsp. subglobosum (JFP-1)
  76. Delphinium parishii var. inopinum (JFP-1a)
  77. Delphinium parishii var. pallidum (JFP-1a)
  78. Delphinium parryi (JFP-1)
  79. Delphinium parryi var. maritimum (as synonym)
  80. Delphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniae (JFP-1)
  81. Delphinium parryi subsp. eastwoodiae (JFP-1)
  82. Delphinium parryi subsp. maritimum (JFP-1)
  83. Delphinium parryi subsp. parryi (JFP-1)
  84. Delphinium parryi subsp. purpureum (JFP-1)
  85. Delphinium parryi subsp. seditiosum (as synonym)
  86. Delphinium parryi var. montanum (as synonym)
  87. Delphinium patens (JFP-1)
  88. Delphinium patens subsp. greenei (as synonym)
  89. Delphinium patens subsp. hepaticoideum (JFP-1)
  90. Delphinium patens subsp. montanum (JFP-1)
  91. Delphinium patens subsp. patens (JFP-1)
  92. Delphinium polycladon (JFP-1)
  93. Delphinium pratense (as synonym)
  94. Delphinium purpusii (JFP-1)
  95. Delphinium recurvatum (JFP-1)
  96. Delphinium scaposum (JFP-1)
  97. Delphinium scopularum var. stachydeum (as synonym)
  98. Delphinium scopulorum var. glaucum (as synonym)
  99. Delphinium scopulorum var. luporum (as synonym)
  100. Delphinium sonnei (as synonym)
  101. Delphinium splendens (as synonym)
  102. Delphinium stachydeum (JFP-1)
  103. Delphinium subglobosum (as synonym)
  104. Delphinium trolliifolium (JFP-1)
  105. Delphinium uliginosum (JFP-1)
  106. Delphinium umatillense (as synonym)
  107. Delphinium umbraculorum (JFP-1)
  108. Delphinium variegatum (JFP-1)
  109. Delphinium variegatum subsp. apiculatum (as synonym)
  110. Delphinium variegatum f. superbum (JFP-unresolved)
  111. Delphinium variegatum subsp. kinkiense (JFP-1)
  112. Delphinium variegatum subsp. thornei (JFP-1)
  113. Delphinium variegatum subsp. variegatum (JFP-1)
  114. Delphinium variegatum var. apiculatum (as synonym)

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