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Result of search for Latin name Clarkia

  1. Clarkia (JFP-15)
  2. Clarkia affinis (JFP-1)
  3. Clarkia amoena (JFP-1)
  4. Clarkia amoena subsp. amoena (JFP-1)
  5. Clarkia amoena subsp. huntiana (JFP-1)
  6. Clarkia amoena subsp. lindleyi (JFP-8)
  7. Clarkia amoena subsp. whitneyi (JFP-1)
  8. Clarkia arcuata (JFP-1)
  9. Clarkia australis (JFP-1)
  10. Clarkia biloba (JFP-1)
  11. Clarkia biloba subsp. australis (JFP-1)
  12. Clarkia biloba subsp. biloba (JFP-1)
  13. Clarkia biloba subsp. brandegeae (variant spelling)
  14. Clarkia biloba subsp. brandegeeae (JFP-1)
  15. Clarkia borealis (JFP-1)
  16. Clarkia borealis subsp. arida (JFP-1)
  17. Clarkia borealis subsp. borealis (JFP-1)
  18. Clarkia bottae (JFP-1)
  19. Clarkia breweri (JFP-1)
  20. Clarkia calientensis (as synonym)
  21. Clarkia concinna (JFP-1)
  22. Clarkia concinna subsp. automixa (JFP-1)
  23. Clarkia concinna subsp. concinna (JFP-1)
  24. Clarkia concinna subsp. raichei (JFP-1)
  25. Clarkia cylindrica (JFP-1)
  26. Clarkia cylindrica subsp. clavicarpa (JFP-1)
  27. Clarkia cylindrica subsp. cylindrica (JFP-1)
  28. Clarkia davyi (JFP-1)
  29. Clarkia deflexa (as synonym)
  30. Clarkia delicata (JFP-1)
  31. Clarkia dudleyana (JFP-1)
  32. Clarkia epilobioides (JFP-1)
  33. Clarkia exilis (JFP-1)
  34. Clarkia franciscana (JFP-1)
  35. Clarkia gracilis (JFP-1)
  36. Clarkia gracilis subsp. albicaulis (JFP-1)
  37. Clarkia gracilis subsp. gracilis (JFP-1)
  38. Clarkia gracilis subsp. sonomensis (JFP-1)
  39. Clarkia gracilis subsp. tracyi (JFP-1)
  40. Clarkia heterandra (JFP-1)
  41. Clarkia imbricata (JFP-1)
  42. Clarkia jolonensis (JFP-1)
  43. Clarkia lassenensis (JFP-1)
  44. Clarkia lewisii (JFP-1)
  45. Clarkia lingulata (JFP-1)
  46. Clarkia mildrediae (JFP-1)
  47. Clarkia mildrediae subsp. lutescens (JFP-1)
  48. Clarkia mildrediae subsp. mildrediae (JFP-1)
  49. Clarkia modesta (JFP-1)
  50. Clarkia mosquinii (JFP-1)
  51. Clarkia mosquinii subsp. mosquinii (as synonym)
  52. Clarkia mosquinii subsp. xerophila (as synonym)
  53. Clarkia mosquinii subsp. mosquinii (JFP-1a)
  54. Clarkia mosquinii subsp. xerophila (JFP-1a)
  55. Clarkia mosquinii subsp. xerophylla (variant spelling)
  56. Clarkia nitens (JFP-1a)
  57. Clarkia nitens (as synonym)
  58. Clarkia parviflora (JFP-1a)
  59. Clarkia parviflora (as synonym)
  60. Clarkia prostrata (JFP-1)
  61. Clarkia purpurea (JFP-1)
  62. Clarkia purpurea subsp. purpurea (JFP-1)
  63. Clarkia purpurea subsp. quadrivulnera (JFP-1)
  64. Clarkia purpurea subsp. viminea (JFP-1)
  65. Clarkia rhomboidea (JFP-1)
  66. Clarkia rostrata (JFP-1)
  67. Clarkia rubicunda (JFP-1)
  68. Clarkia rubicunda subsp. blasdalei (as synonym)
  69. Clarkia similis (JFP-1)
  70. Clarkia speciosa (JFP-1)
  71. Clarkia speciosa subsp. immaculata (JFP-1)
  72. Clarkia speciosa subsp. nitens (JFP-1)
  73. Clarkia speciosa subsp. polyantha (JFP-1)
  74. Clarkia speciosa subsp. speciosa (JFP-1)
  75. Clarkia springvillensis (JFP-1)
  76. Clarkia stellata (JFP-1)
  77. Clarkia tembloriensis (JFP-1)
  78. Clarkia tembloriensis subsp. calientensis (JFP-1)
  79. Clarkia tembloriensis subsp. longistyla (JFP-unresolved)
  80. Clarkia tembloriensis subsp. tembloriensis (JFP-1)
  81. Clarkia unguiculata (JFP-1)
  82. Clarkia virgata (JFP-1)
  83. Clarkia virgata subsp. australis (as synonym)
  84. Clarkia virgata subsp. australis (JFP-1a)
  85. Clarkia williamsonii (JFP-1)
  86. Clarkia williamsonii var. incerta (as synonym)
  87. Clarkia williamsonii f. incerta (as synonym)
  88. Clarkia williamsonii var. incerta (JFP-1a)
  89. Clarkia xantiana (JFP-1)
  90. Clarkia xantiana subsp. parviflora (JFP-1)
  91. Clarkia xantiana subsp. xantiana (JFP-1)
  92. Dicoria canescens subsp. clarkiae (JFP-1a)
  93. Senecio clarkianus (JFP-1)

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